Schedule Emission Service in Everett to Ensure Compliance

emission service in EverettHas your car recently failed its emissions test? Have you just purchased a used vehicle and wonder if it would pass the emissions test? There are several reasons that your auto may not meet state standards for this important environmental process. To address your concerns, schedule emission service in Everett.

Common issues that cause emission system failure include:

  • A damaged oxygen sensor can lead to excessive toxic emissions, loss of acceleration power and overheating.
  • If the fuel metering is out of specification may be due to a defective carburetor, fuel injection unit or electronic engine control.
  • Ignition problems signify elevated hydrocarbons. The most popular origins of ignition issues are worn spark plugs, a timing difficulty, worn distributor cap or damaged spark plug wires.
  • An air injection malfunction does not correctly control levels of carbon monoxide emission and hydrocarbons.
  • One or more vacuum leaks may be due to an inoperable MAP sensor or gaskets.
  • A malfunctioning evaporative emission control system or EVAP may be caused by leaks in the vents and vacuum hoses, damaged gas cap or faulty purge valves.
  • If the fuel mixture is too “rich” or the ignition is weak, it may be due to leaking injectors, disproportionate fuel pressure or an oxygen sensor that is contaminated.

Emissions testing may be completed as a separate service or can be included as part of the standard Toyota or Chevrolet repair session. The testing facility will look for evidence of excessive hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and emissions from evaporation of fuel.

To ensure that your vehicle meets Washington state environmental standards for emissions, call Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460 to make an appointment for emission service in Everett.