Extend the Longevity of Your Car with 30K Mile Service in Everett

Extend the Longevity of Your Car with 30K Mile Service in EverettDid you know that the world record for the number of miles on a vehicle is held by Irv Gordon, whose 1966 Volvo ended up with almost 3 million miles on it? Although we all know that our cars will never last that long, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you get the most for your money, whether you have a pre-owned auto or a brand-new one. We have tips for your 30k mile service in Everett.

  • Following the vehicle’s routine service schedule is important. Adhering to the manufacturer’s 30k mile service, 60k mile and 90k mile services will tremendously impact the longevity of your car. These periodic maintenance checks are valuable to not only service vehicle components, but locate potential problems before they become major issues. Restoration and Audi repair, as well as other makes, keeps moving parts operating efficiently.
  • Maintain correct tire pressure and fluid levels. These tasks only take a few minutes to complete but can save you valuable time and money in the future. Check these areas at least two or three times per month.
  • Start the vehicle “gently.” Revving the engine immediately upon start-up, particularly if it has been sitting for a few hours or more,  can damage the engine as it is not sufficiently lubricated.
  • Be aware of unusual sounds coming from the car. Any unexpected noise can signal a problem. Squeaks, grinding, rubbing, squeals, clicks, whines and pings are worth an inspection by a mechanic.
  • Be a calm driver. Treat your vehicle nicely, by not accelerating or braking too quickly too often.

Realize that vehicle components do wear out and nothing lasts forever. However, with careful consideration, your car can typically last for more than 100k. Call Carson Auto Repair to schedule your 30k mile service in Everett today at (425)905-2460.