Do You Have A Team To Handle Auto Service In Lynnwood?

July 28, 2020  

Many people are effectively able to diagnose and remedy issues with their vehicles with little effort or expense. However, not everyone will have the skillset to handle such a task. Being somewhat of a do-it-yourselfer is a popular way to solve numerous issues at home and in the workplace. While a number of minor adjustments […]

Need Car Repair In Lynnwood? Discover Different Services You May Need

July 14, 2020  

When it comes to car repair in Lynnwood, you want to work with an experienced and certified auto repair shop. You want to know you can trust your mechanic to keep you up and running. That is why it’s important to know the right place to go for your repair needs. When choosing a shop […]

Is The Mileage On Your Car Adding Up? It May Be Time for Your 90k Mile Service In Lynnwood

June 23, 2020  

When it comes to owning a vehicle, you must do more than simply change the oil and add gas to it. There are some maintenance steps that are vital to the wellbeing and longevity of your car. Making sure to get all service appointments completed is important. The higher your mileage goes, the more necessary […]

What To Expect With Brake Service In Lynnwood

June 9, 2020  

If you have noticed a noise or shaking when you apply the brakes in your car, you may be due for brake service in Lynnwood. Knowing what to expect before you go into the shop helps you understand the process. There are many aspects of your vehicle’s brakes that need to be checked. Here at […]

Notice Any Of These Issues? It Could Time For Exhaust Repair In Lynnwood

May 26, 2020  

Your car may be having a few troubling signs that you’re not sure what they are pointing to. The exhaust system is one of those systems that can display signs telling you it’s time to take it in. If you are noticing any of the following issues with your vehicle, it’s time to allow a […]

Schedule Your 30k Mile Service In Lynnwood Today!

May 12, 2020  

One way to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape is to schedule your 30K mile service in Lynnwood. This service is pivotal in ensuring your vehicle is in the game for the long haul. Here at Carson Auto Repair, we provide elite service while still following CDC guidelines and regulations to keep you […]

Do You Know When You Need Emission Service In Lynnwood?

April 28, 2020  

The emission system for your vehicle controls a variety of things, including the emissions, pollutants, and exhaust. Your emission system is the frontline of defense for helping to reduce many harmful gases from getting out into the environment. If it is time for emission service in Lynnwood, you can come into Carson Auto Repair so […]

Don’t Wait Until Something Goes Wrong To Schedule Car Service In Lynnwood

April 14, 2020  

Even if you have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, there are times when you let automotive maintenance slip. Regular car service in Lynnwood will help you to make sure that your vehicle is safe on the roads and provides you with an excellent driving experience. Just like anything […]

The Reasons You Need A 90k Mile Service In Lynnwood

March 24, 2020  

You may feel that auto maintenance schedules are the least of your concern. You get your oil changed regularly. Maybe you even change out an air filter or rotate your tires. Should you be concerned with your 90k mile service in Lynnwood, though? The answer is yes! Your service schedule is there to help you […]

3 Reasons You Need Fuel System Service In Lynnwood

March 10, 2020  

  When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, there are a few items you need to do regularly. Oil changes, rotate and balance your tires, and a fuel system service in Lynnwood are just a few. These can help your vehicle to last longer and go farther than if you avoid these services. You may […]

Discover Tips For Choosing A Specialist For Car Repair in Lynnwood

February 25, 2020  

  When it comes to having your car repair in Lynnwood completed, you want to know that you can trust the shop you choose. It is essential that you know the job will be done correctly the first time you bring it into the shop. Your car is your time and money. It gets you […]

Let Us Help When You Need Skilled Auto Repair In Lynnwood

February 14, 2020  

If you’re currently dealing with an issue with your car, you may need auto repair in Lynnwood. While repairing your vehicle is often a straightforward process, there are still a few things you should keep in mind if you want to avoid potential pitfalls. Let’s explore some top auto repair tips to keep in mind when your […]

Where to Find Top Notch Car Repair in Lynnwood

January 22, 2020  

  Are you looking for a place for car repair in Lynnwood? Carson Auto Repair understands that you need a reliable, trustworthy, and effective mechanic to bring your vehicle to. We have an excellent reputation and are a full-service auto repair shop. We offer loaner vehicles on repair jobs as a convenience to ensure that […]

Where To Find Affordable Car Service in Lynnwood

January 6, 2020  

Carson Auto Repair is a premium car service in Lynnwood. Every vehicle needs servicing for various reasons throughout the lifetime of the car. At Carson Auto Repair we have the capability to repair all types of vehicles and are a full-service maintenance shop. Here are some instances when you may need to bring your car […]

Signs that You Need Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

December 22, 2019  

If you are in need of exhaust repair in Lynnwood, Carson Auto Repair can help! Our experienced mechanics can fix your exhaust and do any other repairs you may need. If you have an exhaust issue, chances are you will know it using your eyes and nose. When the exhaust of your car is failing, […]

Take Care Of Oil Change Service in Lynnwood

December 11, 2019  

Do you need an oil change service in Lynnwood? Instead of going to a quick change oil business, why not come to our full-service maintenance repair shop? This way, if you come into Carson Auto Repair, you receive the benefits of working with a mechanic that understands complete vehicle maintenance. When bringing your vehicle in […]

Great Auto Service in Lynnwood

November 26, 2019  

If you are looking for auto service in Lynnwood, Carson Auto Repair would like to become your family’s go-to auto repair shop. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, quality service, and great customer service. We also have the expertise to fix any kind of issue that arises with your vehicle. We want to develop […]

Look Out for These Signs That You Need Brake Service in Lynnwood

November 14, 2019  

Are you looking for brake service in Lynnwood to get you back on the road safe and sound? If so, Carson Auto Repair has the answers you’re looking for and the service you need to get your car back in working order. If you notice problems with your brakes, it is crucial to get these […]

Are You In Need Of Finding Car Repair in Lynwood?

October 22, 2019  

  Are you in need of finding car repair in Lynwood? Looking for someone to repair your car can be a stressful experience if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. At Carson Auto Repair we want you to feel confident in your car repair choice. We have mechanics that are reliable and trustworthy. We […]

Why You Should Not Skip Your Car’s 30K Mile Service in Lynnwood

September 23, 2019  

Are you looking for a reputable auto repair company that offers 30k mile service in Lynnwood? Carson Auto Repair has served the community for decades with our high-quality auto repair for all types of vehicles. Whether you have a domestic or foreign car, our ASE-certified technicians are sure to get the job done right for […]

Fuel System Service in Lynnwood That You Can Rely On

September 13, 2019  

Are you looking for unbeatable fuel system service in Lynnwood from experienced technicians that offer fair and honest prices? The staff at Carson Auto Repair are ready to serve you with exactly that and much more. Whether you are a new car owner looking for a reliable auto repair service, or you’re a seasoned driver […]

Schedule Your Brake Service In Lynnwood Today

July 23, 2019  

Your car’s brakes are among the most critical components of smooth vehicle operation. They ensure your safety and that of others on the road if you need to slow or stop quickly. Regular maintenance helps keep your brakes in peak condition. If you are experiencing a problem with braking or if it’s been a few […]

Get Reliable Oil Change Service in Lynnwood Today

July 11, 2019  

Are you looking for oil change service in Lynnwood for your car? If so, the staff at Carson Auto Repair has experience servicing and fixing all main makes and models of cars and trucks alike. Our seasoned technicians can follow the recommendations of original equipment manufacturers to the letter and maintain your vehicle the way […]

Go to a Pro for Car Service in Lynnwood

June 24, 2019  

Unless they are mechanics, there are not many people who can accurately diagnose vehicle problems and resolve them. Unless you are looking at a visible hole in the tire or an empty reservoir of windshield washer fluid, car issues are best left to the professionals. Making repairs to your home or car yourself is a […]

Muffler Issues = Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

June 3, 2019  

How do you know if you have a muffler problem and need exhaust repair in Lynnwood? There are several signs that there may be some sort of an issue with your muffler. While they might not seem that serious, ignoring the problems can lead to more severe damage and a costly repair bill later. One […]

90k Mile Service in Lynnwood is Critical for Safe Vehicle Operation

May 16, 2019  

Regular vehicle maintenance is an essential part of car ownership. You can’t expect your auto to run well if you neglect it. Having periodic inspections of critical vehicle components ensures that your car functions efficiently and safely no matter where you drive it. Different car manufacturers set guidelines for you to follow for maintenance services. […]

It May Be Time for Auto Service in Lynnwood

April 23, 2019  

Today’s vehicle manufacturers build their cars and trucks to last – having more than 100k on the odometer is quite common and even expected. However, you can ensure the longevity of your car by following the maintenance schedule that your auto manufacturer recommends in the service manual. Regular oil changes and tire rotation and balance […]

Who Can You Trust For Car Repair In Lynnwood?

April 9, 2019  

Carson Cars doesn’t just sell premium used vehicles; we service and repair them, too. If you don’t know which car repair in Lynnwood you can trust, bring your auto to Carson Auto Repair. We have an excellent reputation in western Washington for fast, affordable, and reliable vehicle service. Our team has decades of experience in a variety […]

Brake Service in Lynnwood You Can Rely On

March 25, 2019  

Ensuring that your brakes work properly is one of the most critical aspects of routine vehicle maintenance. Malfunctioning brakes can result in a deadly accident so scheduling this essential service is periodically necessary. The professional mechanics at Carson Auto Repair can be depended on to carefully evaluate your brake system and provide superior brake service in […]

Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood for Smooth Auto Operation

March 11, 2019  

Although it doesn’t often receive the attention that it deserves, your vehicle’s exhaust system is essential, since it safely removes combustion products and noxious gases both from the engine area and the inside of the car. An exhaust system that performs correctly reduces the number of pollutants and smoke emissions. There are a few things that […]

Does My Car Really Need a 90k Mile Service in Lynnwood?

February 26, 2019  

When buying a new vehicle, most people are eager to keep it looking and acting new as long as possible, so when the time comes for the 30k mile service, virtually everyone is on board with this maintenance step. At 60k miles, fewer individuals will continue to ensure that their auto is running correctly with […]

Check Engine Light Problems? Schedule Car Service in Lynnwood

February 11, 2019  

    Unless you are very familiar with vehicles and how they work, it can be startling and unsettling when one of your “check engine” lights on the dashboard starts to glow, particularly if you’re on the road at the time. Even with premium and diligent care, sometimes things go wrong suddenly that should be […]

What You Should Know about Crashes and Auto Repair in Lynnwood

January 24, 2019  

After you have been involved in an auto accident, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do to get your car fixed. It is important to make certain that you get your property damage claim filed and handled appropriately and that you are not at the mercy of the insurance company. There can […]

Trust Carson Auto Repair for Reliable Emission Service in Lynnwood

January 8, 2019  

Whether you have a brand-new vehicle or have purchased a used car, you are required to have the auto inspected to ensure that it meets emission standards for the state of Washington. There are many locations to have this completed, but Carson Auto Repair has proudly served the area for years and will provide reliable […]

Oil Change Service in Lynnwood for Smooth Vehicle Operation

December 26, 2018  

Although it may seem like a hassle, getting regular oil change service in Lynnwood is pretty important to ensure smooth operation of your car or truck. Oil that is contaminated with dirt, debris, and dust is bad for the engine and the environment and can seriously damage your vehicle.  If you don’t have enough oil […]

Rely On a Pro for Fuel System Service in Lynnwood

December 10, 2018  

    Experiencing a problem with your vehicle is not only inconvenient and frustrating, but it can also be dangerous, too. Most people just want to get in the car, start it and go. When something unexpected happens, the majority of consumers are unable to – and shouldn’t – take care of an issue without […]

What to Know About 30k Mile Service in Lynnwood

November 27, 2018  

  It is more common than ever before to have a vehicle with 100k or more on the odometer. In fact, Irv Gordon’s 1966 Volvo had more than 3 million miles on it, making it the world record holder for the most miles on a car. Although most cars will never last that long, there […]

Take the Mystery Out of Auto Service in Lynnwood

November 13, 2018  

  It can be a little intimidating to leave your car with a mechanic. How do you know they will treat it well and not charge you an ‘arm and a leg’ for a simple repair? Auto service in Lynnwood can be confusing, at the very least. Trusting a stranger with your vehicle comes with […]

Premium Car Repair in Lynnwood

October 23, 2018  

At Carson Cars, we are proud to not only offer a wide variety of vehicles for sale, but we also provide additional services and car repair in Lynnwood. If your car is in need of service or repair bring your auto to Carson Auto Repair. We are recognized for maintaining customer satisfaction and have been […]

Brake Service in Lynnwood for Common Brake Problems

October 5, 2018  

While it is definitely aggravating when the brakes on your car do not function properly, it is even more dangerous to get out on the road with this problem. You don’t want to be the cause of a crash or injury due to faulty brakes. Carson Auto Repair is your local source for all types […]

90k Mile Service in Lynnwood – What’s Usually Included?

September 25, 2018  

Having 100k miles on your vehicle’s odometer is pretty commonplace these days. Cars are made to last, and some go to 200k or even 300k. The best way to ensure that your auto continues to operate smoothly as those miles add up is to schedule regular 30k, 60k and 90k mile service in Lynnwood. Although […]

Loud Exhaust? It’s Time For Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

September 25, 2018  

For your vehicle to operate at peak efficiency, it is important that all components are functioning properly. Regularly-scheduled routine maintenance service can help to alleviate problems that may come up unexpectedly. However, there is always the chance that something will go wrong when you least anticipate it. If you have a hole in your exhaust […]

Tips for Reliable Auto Repair in Lynnwood

September 11, 2018  

It is not only a major inconvenience when something is wrong with your car, it can also be a safety issue. When your new or pre-owned vehicle starts to shimmy without warning, begins to burn oil, the A/C stops working or some other unwelcome issue develops, it can be a challenge to find a capable repair shop […]

Indicators that You Need Car Service in Lynnwood

August 24, 2018  

Have you ever had that “sinking feeling” when you see the “check engine” light glowing on your car’s dashboard? Even if you take good care of your auto, sometimes things can happen quickly that must be evaluated by a professional mechanic. If you spot that bright light, it is time for car service in Lynnwood to […]

Help the Environment with Regular Emission Service in Lynnwood

August 8, 2018  

There are so many stories today about the health – or lack thereof – of our environment. Many factors contribute to the decline of breathable air. There are some things you can do to help in controlling harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere. One is annual emission service in Lynnwood to make sure […]

Compare a DIY Approach to Hiring Out an Oil Change Service in Lynnwood

July 19, 2018  

Oil change service in Lynnwood is necessary on a regular basis, usually every several thousand miles, to ensure proper vehicle operation and safety. This maintenance service is required at different mileage points that depend upon the auto make, model and year, in addition to any warranties that may still be in effect. It is valuable routine […]

Schedule Fuel System Service in Lynnwood Today!

July 5, 2018  

You know that if the fuel system is not completely functional on your vehicle that it will not run well, if at all. This also affects fuel efficiency and overall vehicle operation, as well as adding extra costs for you. Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for fuel system service in Lynnwood […]

Thorough and Efficient 30k Mile Service in Lynnwood

June 19, 2018  

Making your auto last as long as possible requires routine maintenance. If you are close to your 30k mile service in Lynnwood, you may wonder what you can expect. Most vehicles have similar maintenance requirements, there will be some differences in pricing depending on your particular make and model. Transmission – If your car has […]

Depend on Your Emergency Kit Until You Can Get Auto Service in Lynnwood

June 6, 2018  

It can be frightening to experience a crisis situation while you are on the road, whether you are near home or far away. However, keeping emergency equipment in your vehicle can not only be helpful during a predicament, it can be life-saving. It may be just enough until you can notify a mechanic for auto […]

Signs that You Need Car Repair in Lynnwood

May 23, 2018  

Every vehicle owner gets a little nervous when they see the “check engine” light begin to glow on the dashboard. Problems can range from a simple $5.00 gas cap to a complicated repair that can cost thousands. However, that little light can actually help you and save you money by letting you know there is […]

The Importance of Regular Brake Service in Lynnwood

May 8, 2018  

Routine maintenance and regular brake service in Lynnwood are important items to check off your vehicle “to do” list to ensure that this equipment operates efficiently and safely on the road. It is not only extremely dangerous but frightening to apply your brakes and have nothing happen. Periodic brake service can keep this from happening. Weak brake […]

Colored Smoke Indicates the Need for Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

April 25, 2018  

We have all seen it. A vehicle driving down the highway passes you and smoke is pouring from the exhaust. This is never a good sign. Colored smoke indicates that there is a problem with the car. It signals the need for exhaust repair in Lynnwood or an issue with some other component under the […]

Why You Should Schedule 90k Mile Service in Lynnwood

April 6, 2018  

Vehicle manufacturers work harder every year to ensure that the autos they deliver last longer and perform better so that you get the most for your money when buying a car. You can help this process by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine maintenance examinations. This includes services for 30k, 60k and 90k mile service […]

Why You Should Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations for Car Service in Lynnwood

March 27, 2018  

Every vehicle bought and sold today has a service schedule that is recommended by the manufacturer. All services are not the same. There are periodic tune-ups like those that should occur at 30k, 60k and 90k miles. Then, there are interim issues that should be addressed, like oil changes and tire rotations. Finally, sometimes the […]

How to Find the Best Source for Auto Repair in Lynnwood

March 12, 2018  

A certified mechanic at a dependable vehicle repair shop can help your car operate more efficiently, last longer and save you a great deal of money when something needs to be fixed. When you follow these tips, you can be sure that you will locate the best business for auto repair in Lynnwood. Ask friends […]

Schedule Your Emission Service in Lynnwood

March 3, 2018  

As is dictated by the state of Washington, yearly emission testing must be effectively accomplished to be in compliance. To make certain that your vehicle remains safe for you and your passengers, as well as the environment, periodic emission service in Lynnwood is necessary. A properly functioning emission system maintains the correct fuel to air […]

Tips for the Best Oil Change Service in Lynnwood

February 19, 2018  

Periodic oil changes are only one aspect of critical auto maintenance that should be performed on your vehicle. Irregular or nonexistent attention to the oil (and other car parts) results in poor car performance, decreased fuel economy and damage to the engine. Scheduling oil change service in Lynnwood about every 5,000 miles or so ensures […]

The Importance of Fuel System Service

January 31, 2018  

You can improve fuel economy and engine performance by ensuring that your vehicle’s fuel system is regularly cleaned and serviced. The fuel pump, filter and injectors can clog with extensive use and damage other engine components if not addressed periodically. Fuel system service in Mukilteo is recommended at least annually, or as suggested by the […]

30k Mile Service in Mill Creek for Safe Vehicle Operation

January 20, 2018  

Car owners, auto dealers and mechanics frequently disagree about the need for 30k mile service in Mill Creek, in addition to recommendations for 60k and 90k mile services. While a repair shop does want business, it is not entirely about income. Vehicle integrity and longevity are critical for safe operation. For safe driving and reliability […]

4 Times You Need Car Repair in Lake Stevens

December 23, 2017  

Most vehicle owners know their cars well, so intuition kicks in when something is not quite right. Trust that feeling and bring your auto in for car repair in Lake Stevens as soon as you can before a small issue becomes a large and expensive problem. There are 4 common indicators of a mechanical issue […]

Dependable Brake Service in Marysville

December 6, 2017  

The brakes on your auto play an important part in ensuring the safety of you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. Ensuring that they function optimally is necessary on a periodic basis. Routine brake service in Marysville is required to make certain that all brake components are working well. This is especially accurate for […]

When You Need Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

November 22, 2017  

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is more important than you may believe. Since it lessens engine noise, leads harmful gases away from you and your passengers, cools the engine and cleans the air before it exits the tailpipe, addressing problems quickly can keep you safe and save you money. Before a small issue becomes a significant […]

Solve Fuel Problems with Fuel System Service in Everett

November 8, 2017  

The biggest issue that consumers face with their auto fuel systems is misdiagnosis of the problem. Just because there is a difficulty with your car’s fuel system does not always mean that your fuel pump needs to be replaced, although it is a possibility. Low fuel pressure or the engine not seeming to be getting gas may be […]

Schedule Your Oil Change Service in Lake Stevens Today

September 13, 2017  

To make sure your vehicle lasts for many years, whether it is brand new or an older model, it is crucial to perform routine maintenance assignments on a regular basis on the car’s major components. This particularly includes having periodic oil change service in Lake Stevens. The frequency of oil changes depends primarily on three […]

Address Fuel Pump Issues with Fuel System Service in Marysville

September 1, 2017  

Vehicle problems can not only be really frustrating but dangerous, as well. Most of us simply want to get in the car, turn it on and drive where we need to go. When problems happen, the majority of the population is unable to – and shouldn’t – address an issue without the help of a […]

A 30k Mile Service in Lynnwood Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

August 16, 2017  

While many people trade in a vehicle after it reaches a certain number of miles, there are even more who drive their autos until they simply won’t drive anymore. The record for highest mileage is held by Irv Gordon. His 1966 Volvo had almost 3 million miles on the odometer. While this is not a […]

Learn More About Auto Service in Everett

August 2, 2017  

Auto service in Everett can be confusing if you do not have any experience in this area. Trusting strangers with your vehicle can be fraught with uncertainty about quality of the work performed and the cost involved. Let us explore the “mystery” of auto service. There are 2 basic types. Minor services take little time […]

How to Shop for Reliable Car Repair in Mukilteo

July 24, 2017  

No one wants to take their vehicle in for a car repair in Mukilteo but it is sometimes necessary to ensure that you can operate your auto safely and efficiently. Locating a reputable auto repair shop can be challenging if you have not previously had occasion to use one. Repair estimates vary widely between the […]

Ensure Smooth Vehicle Operation with Affordable Brake Service in Mill Creek

July 5, 2017  

Scheduling routine brake service in Mill Creek is important to ensure that all brake components are operating as they should. This is particularly true for your 30k, 60k and 90k mile service appointments but can be appropriate at any time you feel there may be an issue with performance. Noticing an unexpected smell when you are […]

Schedule Your Exhaust Repair in Snohomish to Ensure Vehicle Safety

June 21, 2017  

Hearing noises coming from your vehicle’s exhaust system is not a positive sign. However, there may be issues even if you do not hear something. It is typical for original exhaust components to last from 5-7 years but damage from salt and city driving is possible before that time. It is best to have a […]

Schedule Your Appointment Today for Your 90K Mile Service in Lake Stevens

June 7, 2017  

Routine vehicle maintenance is critical to ensure that your auto continues to operate effectively and safely for you and your passengers. Car manufacturers set maintenance timing standards for their vehicles and when components should be checked. Generally, they all recommend, at the very least, having a 30K, 60K and 90K mile service in Lake Stevens by […]

5 Reasons Why Car Service in Marysville is Critical

May 30, 2017  

Most people believe that when you purchase a vehicle that it should be expected to run perfectly for a long period of time. While this is not a totally unreasonable expectation, it is not likely to happen if you are not proactive. This means that you should NOT wait until the car service light comes […]

Qualifications of Reliable Auto Repair in Lynnwood

May 13, 2017  

Whether your car is experiencing a rough ride, tires that are out-of-balance or other unfortunate problem, you need a qualified repair shop to take care of the issue quickly and efficiently. If you do not have a lot of experience in this area, you can ask friends for recommendations or complete some online research. It […]

Schedule Emission Service in Everett to Ensure Compliance

April 27, 2017  

Has your car recently failed its emissions test? Have you just purchased a used vehicle and wonder if it would pass the emissions test? There are several reasons that your auto may not meet state standards for this important environmental process. To address your concerns, schedule emission service in Everett. Common issues that cause emission […]

Lengthen the Life of Your Car with Regular Oil Change Service in Mukilteo

April 17, 2017  

There are several steps that you can take to ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible. Not only will this save you money on repairs, it will aid in gas economy. One such undertaking is regular oil change service in Mukilteo. Others include: Reading, or at least scanning, the owner’s manual. This booklet […]

Signs that You May Require Fuel System Service in Mill Creek

March 31, 2017  

Some older vehicles seem to have constant problems with the fuel pump, while others never have a single issue. How do you know if you have a malfunctioning fuel pump? The best way to tell is to have a fuel system service in Mill Creek completed by a professional mechanic. For most front engine cars, the […]

Lengthen the Life of Your Vehicle with 30K Mile Service in Snohomish

March 17, 2017  

For some people, it is a measure of pride to display the number of miles on your vehicle. More cars than ever before have in excess of 100k or 200k on the odometer. In fact, the mileage record is for a 1966 Volvo that had almost 3 million miles recorded. While we all know our auto […]

How to Get the Best Auto Service in Lake Stevens

February 28, 2017  

Trust can be a difficult feeling to master. This is especially true when you leave your beloved vehicle with an auto repair shop for either a minor issue or multiple problems. When it is time to retrieve your car, how do you really know that everything is fixed? This is particularly true if you know little […]

Choose a Shop Whom You Can Trust for Car Repair in Marysville

February 18, 2017  

When you have the need for car repair in Marysville it can be challenging to know where you will be treated fairly. Estimates for services can vary tremendously. Whether your insurance will cover the bill or it will be you writing the check, here are some valuable tips to use when choosing the best auto […]

Consider a Brake Service in Lynnwood for Unexpected Brake Smell

February 1, 2017  

There are several reasons that your car may emanate an unpleasant and unexpected brake smell. Let us examine each circumstance to determine whether brake service in Lynnwood is warranted. Overheated brakes result in an obvious aroma. This may be caused by newly installed front brakes that are being broken in. After installation, new brakes typically smell […]

Noises that Signal a Need for Exhaust Repair in Everett

January 18, 2017  

Hearing noises from your car is typically not a good sign and a certain way to tell that something, somewhere is not operating properly. Sometimes the only way you can know that you have a problem with your exhaust is by hearing strange noises coming from beneath the car. Know what to “hear” to determine if […]

Is the 90K Mile Service Necessary?

January 16, 2017  

There is quite a bit of disagreement about the necessity of scheduled vehicle maintenance appointments. Most people wonder if spending the money on these services is really worth it. The easy answer is YES. Your 30K, 60K and 90K mile service in Mukilteo are critical for optimum performance and ensure increased longevity of your car. For […]

Have Your Vehicle Serviced Before Winter Weather Sets In

December 21, 2016  

To ensure that your vehicle remains in tip-top shape, it is important to have regular maintenance car service in Mill Creek conducted by a professional mechanic. It is not the best idea to attempt this procedure as a do-it-yourselfer. While you will pay for this service, it is a necessity to make certain that all components […]

7 Signs Indicate Auto Repair in Snohomish

December 1, 2016  

A problem with your car will not simply go away on its own. Actually, if left untended, it can cost you a great deal more. Pay attention to the following 7 signs that you need immediate attention and probable auto repair in Snohomish. Dealing with an issue promptly can save you both time and money. […]

Emission Service in Lake Stevens is Critical for the Environment

November 22, 2016  

Since most vehicles in Washington state have required emission testing regulations, it makes sense to know why this is enforced. In order to pass the testing process, several key components in the vehicle must be in proper working order, including: a well-tuned engine, an appropriate fuel to air ratio, an operational catalytic converter and no […]

Why a Routine Oil Change Service in Marysville is a Good Idea

November 9, 2016  

If you own a vehicle, you should know that regular maintenance on a variety of components is critical to ensure that your car lasts for many miles and many years, no matter if your auto is brand-new or several years old. One simple task that is recommended about every 3,000 miles or so, depending upon […]

A Faulty Fuel Pump Requires Fuel System Service in Lynnwood

October 26, 2016  

The fuel pump is an important component of the fuel system in your vehicle, as it delivers fuel from the gas tank to the engine at a specific pressure to meet the demands of performance. When the key turns on the auto, the fuel pump is triggered and pressurized. When you have problems with the […]

Extend the Longevity of Your Car with 30K Mile Service in Everett

October 12, 2016  

Did you know that the world record for the number of miles on a vehicle is held by Irv Gordon, whose 1966 Volvo ended up with almost 3 million miles on it? Although we all know that our cars will never last that long, there are a number of things you can do to ensure […]

Your Car Emergency Kit to Avoid Auto Service in Mukilteo

October 3, 2016  

There are ten items that you should have in your vehicle – minimum – at all times just in case of an emergency on the road. Depending on the specific circumstances, these things could be life saving until you are able to get in touch with someone for auto service in Mukilteo. Heavy-duty jumper cables. […]

Car Repair in Mill Creek for Common Problems

September 13, 2016  

Most autos run for many years and many miles but they are not indestructible. Routine maintenance helps vehicles to continue to run smoothly. Even with periodic check-ups, things can go wrong. Parts may wear out or break and car repair in Mill Creek becomes necessary. The most common issues that mechanics see include: Oil change […]

ABS Brake Service in Snohomish

August 31, 2016  

The ABS or anti-lock brake system on a vehicle is actually a simple mechanism. When your car begins a skid, for whatever reason, the ABS takes over and helps you control the vehicle. If your vehicle has ABS or an anti-lock brake system it is important to realize that you should never pump the brake […]

Car Backfiring May Require Exhaust Repair in Lake Stevens

August 8, 2016  

We have all been startled by hearing the shotgun blast sound of a car backfiring. You may have experienced the problem with your own vehicle. A backfire can result from several different causes but having a mechanic diagnose the issue is your best bet. It is possible that you may need exhaust repair in Lake […]

90K Mile Service in Marysville

August 3, 2016  

With manufacturing standards higher than ever before, it is quite common to have a car with 100K miles or more on the odometer. To ensure that your vehicle will last this long and longer, it is important to keep to the maintenance recommendations by the particular car manufacturer. This includes the 30K, 60K and 90K […]

Utilize Car Service in Lynnwood for Ease of Repair

July 23, 2016  

It is a rare individual who is not only able to diagnose vehicle problems like a bad battery terminal or warped rotor, but who is also able to make the repairs himself at little cost and less effort. Repairing your home or car yourself is a popular trend in today’s society. Although minor issues are […]

Auto Repair in Everett for All Your Vehicle Problems

July 9, 2016  

There is never a good time for vehicle problems, whether you have a brand-new auto or a pre-owned one. It is important, however, to get the vehicle serviced by a professional mechanic as soon as issues arise so that a small problem does not become a big disaster. Routine maintenance can keep major malfunctions to […]

Reliable Emission Service in Mukilteo

July 1, 2016  

There are at least two important reasons to complete annual emission service in Mukilteo. The first, Washington state requires it. Secondly, maintaining your vehicle’s emissions aids in ensuring that it continues to operate properly. A car’s emission system operates optimally when there is an accurate fuel to air ratio, the catalytic converter is functioning and […]

It’s Time for Your Oil Change Service in Mill Creek

June 17, 2016  

Oil change service in Mill Creek is required every several thousand miles to maintain proper operation of your vehicle. This periodic maintenance service is necessary at varying mileage depending upon the make, model and year, as well as any warranties that may still be in effect. It is important routine maintenance to keep your vehicle running […]

Problems that Require Brake Repair in Snohomish County

June 3, 2016  

Although there are any number of issues that may arise with your vehicle’s brakes, there are two main problems that require immediate brake pad & rotor repair service in Snohomish county. If you are experiencing noises when applying the brakes or the whole vehicle starts shaking or vibrating, there is a definite problem that must […]

The Perfect Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service in Lake Stevens

May 12, 2016  

Warmer days have arrived – finally! In preparation for even hotter weather to come, it is the perfect time for your annual auto air conditioning service in Lake Stevens. This important routine maintenance program will ensure that when temperatures rise, that you will be comfortable in your vehicle. Certified technicians will complete a comprehensive inspection […]

Why You Need Exhaust Service in Marysville

April 21, 2016  

To get your money’s worth from a new or used auto, it is crucial to have it serviced periodically to ensure that each component is working properly. Most problems occur because the appropriate care has not been taken of the car. One maintenance issue in particular, the vehicle’s exhaust system, is essential to both its smooth operation and the safety of […]

Schedule Your 60K Mile Service in Lynnwood Today

March 31, 2016  

It is gratifying to know that since Americans spend so much money each year on new vehicles, that the autos are lasting longer than ever before. Having more than 100k on the odometer (if you keep your car that long) is standard and expected. To ensure that your vehicle maintains its integrity – inside and […]

Yes, You Do Need a 30k Mile Service in Mukilteo

February 17, 2016  

There is a lot of debate among auto dealerships, car owners and mechanics about the necessity of the recommended 30k mile service in Mukilteo, as well as that of the 60k and 90k mile services. While a mechanic shop certainly wants the business, it is not all about making money. To get the absolute most […]

Rely on Premium Auto Service in Mill Creek

February 2, 2016  

There are many individuals who take personal pride in being able to diagnose problems with their vehicles and make repairs themselves with a minimum of effort or expense. The “DIY” or do-it-yourself approach is a popular trend today, whether it is working on someone’s home or their car. While it is true that minor repairs are […]

Auto Problems Equal Quality Car Repair in Snohomish

December 18, 2015  

There are many talented individuals out there who are able to diagnose and repair a vehicle without ever bringing it into an auto repair shop. If you are fortunate enough to know one, that is a real benefit. However, know that if a certified mechanic does not complete repairs on your car, then it invalidates […]

What is included in a brake service in Lake Stevens?

December 2, 2015  

The brake system is one of the most important components of your vehicle, whether it is a newer or older model. Dependent upon several factors, such as city or highway driving, how you apply brakes (hard or soft), the age of the components, etc., brake equipment will wear out over time.  Sometimes it is sooner rather than […]

When do you need exhaust repair in Marysville?

October 30, 2015  

Although your vehicle’s muffler or tailpipe is the most visible sign of your exhaust system, it has numerous other hidden components that require care on a periodic basis. Infrequent or nonexistent maintenance of the exhaust system may necessitate exhaust repair in Marysville. There are two effective ways to determine if your exhaust system has an […]

Is a 90k Mile Service in Lynnwood Really Necessary?

September 30, 2015  

Most people who buy a new car get a 30k mile service to ensure that all components on the vehicle continue to run smoothly. Fewer individuals seek a 60k mile service, thinking that it is not really necessary. Fewer still make an appointment for a 90k mile service in Lynnwood or within the nearby vicinity, […]

Signs that Your Vehicle Requires Car Service in Everett

September 10, 2015  

A very uncomfortable feeling arises when you notice that one of your “check engine” lights is glowing on the dashboard of your vehicle. Even with the best and most diligent care, there are things that can go wrong at a moment’s notice on your auto that should be addressed immediately to prevent the issue from […]

Trustworthy Auto Repair in Mukilteo

August 20, 2015  

When your brand new or pre-owned vehicle begins to shimmy unexpectedly, burns oil, the air conditioning stops working or some other unfortunate issue develops, it may be difficult to choose a competent repair shop to remedy the problem. Unless you have had a good prior experience with a specific business, it can be challenging to select a trustworthy […]

Schedule Your Emission Service in Mill Creek Today

July 30, 2015  

As the state of Washington dictates, annual emission testing must be successfully completed to be in compliance. Not only this, but periodic emission service in Mill Creek helps to ensure that your vehicle operates safely. A properly operational emission system keeps a proper fuel to air ratio, has no leaks and the efficiency of the […]

Premium Oil Change Service in Snohomish

July 9, 2015  

Virtually everyone who owns a vehicle knows that periodic oil changes are required to maintain the health and longevity of the auto. There is some discrepancy, however, about how often this should be attempted and whether or not it is worth it to do the oil change yourself or hire a professional. Compare the two options for oil […]

Why You Need Fuel System Service in Lake Stevens

June 19, 2015  

There are so many complicated mechanical components to a vehicle that it pays to have regular maintenance to ensure that your auto retains its peak condition and lasts for as long as you drive it with no significant issues. Oil changes, tire rotation and balance and wiper blade replacement are common issues that most drivers […]

It’s Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service in Marysville

May 28, 2015  

With the weather becoming increasingly warmer as we transition from spring to summer, it is the perfect time to take the opportunity to schedule your annual appointment for auto air conditioning service in Marysville with a qualified mechanic. Regularly maintaining your car’s air conditioning system via periodic service is crucial to ensure that the interior of […]

Brake Repair in Lynnwood

May 6, 2015  

It is not only annoying, but can be quite dangerous for the brakes on your vehicle to demonstrate problems with their operation. This is particularly true if you are not terribly mechanically inclined. Fortunately, however, excellent service and brake repair in Lynnwood is available to diagnose and resolve issues with your brakes. The five most […]

3 Signs that You Need Exhaust Service in Everett

April 16, 2015  

Although it does not really get the attention that it requires, the exhaust system is a critical component of your vehicle, as it safely removes noxious gases and combustion products from the engine and the interior of the auto. Functioning exhaust reduces smoke and pollutant emissions and eliminates excessive noise. One obvious indication that there is a problem […]

Schedule Your Auto Air Conditioning Service in Mukilteo Now

April 1, 2015  

Many of us are so relieved to finally (and hopefully) be rid of colder temperatures that home and vehicle air conditioning are definitely not at the forefront of our thoughts at the moment. However, now is the perfect time to schedule your annual auto air conditioning service in Mukilteo. Inspection and repair before you need them […]

Experienced Fuel System Service in Lynnwood

March 12, 2015  

Your auto’s fuel system is likely more complex than you may realize. There are numerous components that all work closely together in perfect synchronization to enable your vehicle to actually go forward down the road. This is why periodic fuel system service in Lynnwood is crucial, even if your car seems to be fully operational. […]

The Value of a 30K Mile Service in Lake Stevens

February 26, 2015  

There is much debate among new car owners and mechanics as to the importance and relevance of a 30k mile service in Lake Stevens. The simple answer is “yes.” It is crucial to ensure that your major investment remains in excellent shape and operates safely and smoothly. In fact, if you do not complete the […]

Decode an Estimate for Car Repair in Marysville

February 3, 2015  

There are few, if any, individuals who actually look forward to getting an estimate for car repair in Marysville since this implies that something is really wrong with your treasured vehicle. What is even less appealing is attempting to read and understand what is included in the estimate without assistance from the mechanic. An estimate for […]

Exhaust Service in Mill Creek

January 15, 2015  

The catalytic converter is an important aspect of your vehicle’s exhaust system, and if it malfunctions, a quick trip for exhaust service in Mill Creek is required to ensure safe and efficient operation before resuming the road. For Buick repair or that of any other make auto, consult the certified technicians at carson auto repair. […]

Happy Holidays from carson auto repair

December 22, 2014  

From all of us at Carson Cars, and carson auto repair, we would like to wish all of our friends, family, and loyal customers, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!    

Oil Change Service in Snohomish

December 17, 2014  

Oil change service in Snohomish and nearby locales in the Puget Sound area is a typical component of routine maintenance on your vehicle, whether it is brand new or has more than a few miles on it. How often you get the oil changed depends on several factors that include the make and model, how […]

Brake Service in Marysville

November 18, 2014  

Regularly scheduled maintenance and brake service in Marysville ensures that this important component of your vehicle operates smoothly and safely to take you where you need to go and to stop effectively when it is critical to do so. Not only can poor brake performance, unsettling noises and annoying vibrations affect your driving, they can be dangerous […]

BMW Auto Service in Everett

October 30, 2014  

You purchased a BMW for obvious reasons. It is a classy, reliable and comfortable car that you are proud to drive locally or on a trip across the country. For routine auto service in Everett, do not trust your investment to just any dealership. You need auto professionals who are experienced and have certification in dealing […]

Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Weather

October 7, 2014  

With the calendar turning a page from September to October, it is time to think about what you can do to prepare for the upcoming colder weather. Not only are there steps you can take at your home or business, you should consider your autos at this time, as well. carson auto repair can provide expert […]

Signs You may Need Exhaust Service

September 24, 2014  

The exhaust system in a vehicle does much more than keep the car quiet, which is why it is so important to have regular exhaust service in Lynnwood performed for all vehicles on a regular basis . However, if regular maintenance is not possible, knowing the warning signs of a problem can mean the difference […]

Brake Repair and Service in Mill Creek

August 10, 2014  

It is important for drivers to prioritize and take road safety very seriously in order to help reduce accidents on the road. Checking your car on a regular basis regardless of the distance you plan to drive, ensures that all components are functioning properly and as they should. Safety measures should be implemented at all […]

Why regular car maintenance is important

July 31, 2014  

It’s easy to ignore the needs of your car if you aren’t aware that anything is wrong.  Most drivers unfortunately put off car maintenance until it is an absolute necessity, and they are stuck on the side of the road with a malfunctioning vehicle.  While car service in Everett can be mildly inconvenient at the […]

Why do I need an oil change?

July 19, 2014  

Your vehicle’s engine oil travels a long way from its reservoir underneath the hood. That’s one reason it is important to regularly check the oil level on the dipstick. If it has been awhile since your last oil change, the oil on the dipstick is likely dark and dirty-looking. This is a good indication that it […]

Car Running Funny in Low Speeds? It May Be the O2 Sensor

June 24, 2014  

When your car starts to run funny and is chugging erratically, it is easy to automatically assume that something is wrong with the engine. In reality, the problem could very well be a bad oxygen sensor (or O2 sensor) instead, and you should seek a professional car service in Marysville shop to replace it immediately. […]

Dont Overheat!!

June 23, 2014  

Coolant time? Its getting hot and your going on a trip! Stop by and let us check your fluids and test your coolant for FREE. Going over the pass you need to have the volume and amount of coolant so you do not over heat. Stop by today

Dont Get Stuck In The Heat!

June 16, 2014  

Air conditioning checks $29.99. Don’t get stuck in the heat.

Hello all the in the auto world. Going on a trip soon?

June 2, 2014  

Hello all the in the auto world. Going on a trip soon? Lets set an appointment to do a trip safety check, now only 63.50 for a short time Checks- major fluids, breaks , belts and more, also free a/c performance check !!

Your Authorized Emissions Specialist in Everett

May 28, 2014  

If you currently live in Washington or are considering a move to the state, it is important to note that your vehicle may require emissions testing. Autos manufactured before 2009 and certain older models are exempt from emissions testing. Its important to check with state guidelines for specific information about your vehicle and emissions testing requirements. The certified authorized […]

Is now a good time to catch up on your over due oil change?

May 19, 2014  

Why do you need oil change at 3,000 or 3 months? Conventail oil starts to break down at 500 mile, the life span for the oil is about 3,000 miles before full break down. Semi sync. Oil starts to break down at 1000 miles and full sync oil starts to break down at 3000 miles. […]

Time to Rock and Roll!!!

May 12, 2014  

Are you going on at trip out of town? We can do a full vehicle inspection to help you not have an issue on your trip. Call to day and set appointment . On sale !! 109.00 plus tax, takes only an hour and half.

Auto Details starting at $99.99

May 6, 2014  

Need you’re car detailed and looking good for the nice weather coming our way? Details starting at $99.99

Weather is Getting Nice!

April 28, 2014  

Come down to carson auto repair for a $29.99 air conditioning inspection before the weather gets hot and so do you!

It’s Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service

April 23, 2014  

To ensure that your car is ready, willing and able for some awesome spring weather, it’s time for your auto air conditioning service in Mill Creek. Don’t wait until it’s already hot outside, get it checked out now so you will be ready when you need it. carson auto repair is ready to serve your auto […]

Need A Ride While Your Car Is Getting Repaired?

April 21, 2014  

Carson Cars offers shuttle and loaner cars while your vehicles being serviced at no cost to you.

We have heating and cooling specialist inspections starting at $29.99.

April 14, 2014  

We have heating and cooling specialist inspections starting at $29.99.

Quality Exhaust Service in Snohomish

April 11, 2014  

Have you noticed a thick or thin plume of smoke coming from your car’s tailpipe? Has your family complained about your really loud muffler? Maybe your vehicle failed emissions testing. These situations and more signal an issue with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Whether there’s a problem or it’s just time for routine maintenance, now is a great time […]

It’s spring , air conditioning performance checks $29.99

April 7, 2014  

It’s spring , air conditioning performance checks $29.99

Auto Detailing Service

April 3, 2014  

At carson auto repair, we’re proud to have a full service auto detail shop in Everett for your convenience.  We specialize in auto detailing and premium car washes of all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUV’s throughout the Everett, Lynnwood and surrounding area.  Our professional and well trained team members will remove the […]

The sun is nice and bright!!!

March 31, 2014  

The sun is nice and bright!!! Going to go on a trip- free trip check with oil change!! Call today to make an appointment. 54.50 value!!

Transmission services starting at $129.99. Come in and see us for all you’re car needs!

March 28, 2014  

Transmission services starting at $129.99. Come in and see us for all you’re car needs!

Get Better Gas Mileage with Auto Exhaust Service

March 26, 2014  

There’s never been a better time to schedule exhaust service for your vehicle. Gas prices are steadily rising and your car should be in top shape to ensure better gas mileage.  Carson Cars Auto Service is ready to provide your exhaust service in Everett quickly and affordably. When your exhaust system is not functioning at peak performance, harmful gases may […]

Excellent Acura Service in Lake Stevens

March 12, 2014  

The Acura has been well-known in the United States and Canada as an upscale and reliable luxury vehicle since 1986. With superior performance and brilliant features, car owners are proud to own and drive an Acura. To maintain optimum efficiency in your investment, it is crucial to schedule routine maintenance services. Drive your Acura to […]

Going on vacation this month?

March 4, 2014  

Going on vacation this month? Stop by and get a vehicle inspection report- only 109.00 plus tax. A full inspection of brakes, belts, fluids and more. Also we check for any code in the engine computer and transmission computer.

Everett Auto Service

February 26, 2014  

In the past, if you had experienced car problems and needed a mechanic, it was common to ask friends and family to in order to determine the reputation of mechanics in your area. It is even more difficult in the internet era we live, to ensure that the company you are contacting in order to schedule service with […]

Cooling system service starting at $49.99. oil ,filter, and lube service starting at $29.99.

February 24, 2014  

Cooling system service starting at $49.99. oil ,filter, and lube service starting at $29.99.

Heading Towards The Snow? Come See Us First

February 17, 2014  

Going over the pass? Lots of snow to play in right now!! Stop by to day and get your coolant check before you go for free on any car. Also if you need service we have 10% off all cooling system services. Just ask for John : )

What do those warning lights mean? Auto Service Everett can help.

February 13, 2014  

Uh oh! A warning light on my dash just lit up! The warning lights on your dashboard are also known as “check engine” lights. When these lights flash on, there’s a problem somewhere and it’s important to get it checked out right away. The experts at Auto Service Everett will use diagnostic computer equipment to […]

Ready For An Oil Change?

February 10, 2014  

Oil changes starting at $29.99. Custom exhaust starting at $199.99. Contact us for more information and to take advantage of these great offers now 425-905-2460.  

Go Hawks!

February 3, 2014  

Go hawks!!!! Oil change sale on right now- 19.99 oil change with 36 point inspection and top off of major fluids. On most vehicles. Stop by today and say you love the hawks and the oil change is only 19.99 **Plus tax and shop fees

Time For A Tune up?

January 31, 2014  

Time for a tune up? Come see us at Carson auto repair. Tune ups starting at $149.99

Synthetic Motor Oil: How Often Does It Need Changed?

January 29, 2014  

For a car’s engine to perform efficiently, it must be properly lubricated with clean fluids. The function of motor oil is to flow between the moving parts of the engine to reduce friction. Without motor oil, the engine would quickly overheat and grind to a stop. The longer motor oil is used, the less effective it […]

Signs You May Need Your Exhaust Repaired

January 17, 2014  

Issues that your vehicle is experiencing that relate need to the exhaust system need to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to determine if you are in need exhaust repair because many of the red flags are silent. Its important to know the signs to look, listen, and smell for to ensure […]

Start your new year off with a clean car!

January 6, 2014  

Full auto details starting at $149.99. Start your new year off with a clean car!

Check engine light on?

December 30, 2013  

Check engine light on? Give us a call (425) 905-2460 we can help you with that!

Car getting a little dirty?

December 16, 2013  

Car getting a little dirty? Come see us here at Carson auto repair. Auto details starting at $149.99.

Brakes $199.00 PER Axle!

December 2, 2013  

Brake specials starting at $199.99 per axle. Its getting cold out side, come ask us about winter maintenance specials.

carson auto repair Offers Quick, Affordable Service & Repair

November 25, 2013  

At Carson Cars we don’t just sell cars, we offer services and repair as well. If you’re tired of other shops’ expensive prices, or taking your car to someone you can’t trust, bring your car to carson auto repair.  We’re known for keeping our customers happy, and we’ve been voted vest auto service shop in […]

Don’t Let The Cold Weather Leave You On The Side Of The Road

November 25, 2013  

Don’t let the cold weather leave you on the side of the road. Come see us about winterizing you’re vehicles. Prices starting at $59.99.

Auto Winterization Services

November 18, 2013  

Have you winterized you’re vehicles yet? Winterization specials starting at 59.99 , come down and see us for all you’re vehicles needs.

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November 15, 2013  

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Winter Is Arriving, Will You Be Ready?

November 11, 2013  

Let me start off by introducing myself my name is Jessica Hote and I am the new C.S.R (CUSTOMER SERVICE REP.) here at Carson Auto Service. Just want to remind all of you winter is arriving with that in mind it’s time to winterize you’re vehicles , we here at Carson Auto Service will check […]

How low does the coolant in your car or truck go’s down to?

November 4, 2013  

How low does the coolant in your car or truck go’s down to? What will happened if the coolant is bad? The coolant in your car or truck should go down to -32 or lower. If the coolant is bad it will freeze in the block of the motor and might crack the heads or […]

Are you ready for winter? We can help!!

October 29, 2013  

Are you ready for winter? We can help!! Just stop by and ask want we can do to get you ready for winter!

Affordable Auto Repair

October 19, 2013  

Welcome to carson auto repair, proudly offering high quality and affordable Everett Auto Repair and maintenance services. We understand that your vehicle is an important part of your regular routine. Keeping it well maintained and in good working order, is our top priority. At carson auto repair  we take the time to discuss every detail […]

Brrr… It’s Getting Cold Outside!

October 14, 2013  

Its getting cold out side- time to flush out your coolant? We have coolant service starting out at 59.99 plus tax –

carson auto repair Offers It’s Customers Free Towing Service!

September 16, 2013  

At carson auto repair we offer free Everett Towing Service to those in need for auto repair. We have been providing quality auto service to all of our value customers for more than thirty-five years and are recognized for our integrity, honesty and experience. We understand that a breakdown can be a frustrating situation. That’s […]

Is Your Car In Need Of An Oil Change?

September 9, 2013  

Oil changes are a must on today’s cars!! Change you oil every 3 month or 3,000 miles. Why? The motor oil is the life blood of the engine. Most cars run on the pressure of the oil to open and close injectors, valves and so on. Chevy liffer ticking is a cause of not changing […]

Check Engine Light On??

August 26, 2013  

Having issues with you car? Check engine light on? Stop by and we can pull the engine lights codes at no charge for you!!!! OBII only –

Are You Out Looking For a New Car?

August 12, 2013  

Are you out looking for a car? Bring the car you like to us and let us do a buyers inspection for you! The inspection is a 101 point inspection and also for cars 1996 and newer we also plug into the computer of the engine and transmission to see you there was any pending […]

carson auto repair Offers Affordable Radiator Services

August 10, 2013  

At carson auto repair we’re proud to provide you with the best Lynnwood Radiator Repair service in the area. We understand the need to keep your radiator well maintained particularly during the warm summer months. Whether you are in need of a maintenance appointment or your radiator requires repair work, come in and see us […]

Did You Fail Your Emission Test?

August 5, 2013  

Did you fail your state emission test? We are certified to work on all types of cars for the failed emissions. Give us a call or stop by for info!

Carson Cars Offers Affordable Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service

July 24, 2013  

Our Washington weather does not always require constant use of Everett Auto Air Conditioning but when the days are warm you’ll want your system to be working at optimal levels. At carson auto repair, our trained service professionals will carefully inspect your system to ensure that it operating properly. If there are any problems will […]

Air ride issues?

July 16, 2013  

We do air rides for GM and Cadi suspensions. Air ride issues? Stop by and we can diagnosis  the issue and give u a great price!! Call for details

Time to rock the cool sound of new exhaust!

July 8, 2013  

Time to rock the cool sound of new exhaust!!!! We have a 10% off exhaust special going on the month of July !!

Need to get your coolant checked before a long trip- stop by today and get it checked for no charge!!

July 2, 2013  

Need to get your coolant checked before a long trip- stop by today and get it checked for no charge!!

Come See John

June 27, 2013  

If your looking for a great deal on your car service just stop by and see John at Carson Cars Auto service. Great prices and service with a smile.

The Importance of Everett Transmission Service

June 10, 2013  

Where Does the Power Come From? The most obvious answer is: the engine. But, how is the power from the engine distributed to the wheels? The engine’s power is delivered to the wheels by means of the transmission. Automatic transmissions are much more popular than manual transmissions in America; likely because automatic transmissions are just […]

Free Towing With carson auto repair

June 3, 2013  

Is your vehicle in need of repair? The knowledgeable service professionals at Carson Cars have the expertise to inspect, diagnose and make any necessary repairs to your new or used domestic or foreign vehicle. Found yourself with an engine that won’t start? We’ll come and get your vehicle and tow it to our service center […]

Time to get your old car from high school on the road?

June 3, 2013  

Time to get your old car from high school on the road?  We do custom older cars!! 1950’s,1960, 1970’s – we have great tech that work on the older classic cars that will make you smile!!

Going on a trip this summer?

May 30, 2013  

Going on a road trip this summer? We have some great deals going on right now! We have a  trip inspection right now for only $54.50- that is half price!!!!! We also have coolant flush specials and fuel injection specials. stop by or give us a call at 425-905-2460 email- autorepair@carsoncars.net

Hello all!!

May 20, 2013  

Hello all!! If you have a GM truck that has air ride issues, stop by today! We diagnose and repair or replaced all parts for GM air ride systems. Factory trained to find and fix any and all issues but not at Dealer prices.

Affordable & Quality Ford Repairs

May 10, 2013  

Regardless of the work you need done, you’ll find the best Ford Auto Service Everett at carson auto repair. We’re proud to offer only honest, reliable service and we’ve been doing it for more than 35 years. Our expert technicians use the most innovative equipment and technology to service and repair vehicle. For the highest […]

Going On A Trip Soon?

April 29, 2013  

Going on a trip soon? Stop by for an oil change and trip inspection, on sale right now for only-$100.00. most cars and trucks, upto 5qt 5w30 with standard oil filter. Call for details 425-905-2460.

Rock and roll !!!!

April 15, 2013  

Time to get the car and truck ready for on the concerts going all around the state : )     time to get it in for the normal service and inspections. Right now we have a ac performance test for only 29.99 plus tax, oil change starting out at 29.99 plus tax, drain and fill coolant […]

Affordable Acura Repair & Service

April 5, 2013  

At carson auto repair, we are a family owned company that takes pride in what we do.  When looking to get your car serviced, give us a call, we’re here to help!  At our Lynnwood Acura Service facility, we are committed to ensuring that your Acura runs safely through our maintenance, diagnostic and repair services. […]

Time to get the hot rod out of the garage and get ready to roll!!!

April 1, 2013  

Time to get the hot rod out of the garage and get ready to roll!!! Right now we have custom exhaust on sale !!! 10% off the bill on any thing over $100.00– need exhaust work come on by. What to put cool guy exhaust on , come on by. Muffler rotted out and making […]

Affordable Shoreline Engine Repair Services

March 19, 2013  

For the best Shoreline Engine Repair Services, come in and see the experts at Carson Cars Auto Repair.With more than 35 years experience in auto service and repair, we offer exceptional repairs, honesty, integrity and the best customer service around. We use only state of the art technology, trained technicians and top notch equipment to diagnose […]

Is A Road Trip In Your Future?

March 18, 2013  

Are you making plans for a trip this spring or summer. Now running great specials on maintenance to keep you on the road!! Oil change with wiper blades, tire rotate and inspection on sale now for -59.99 (5qt oil with filter -most cars)(up to 24in wipers)

carson auto repair Is Offering You A Discount!

March 11, 2013  

The sun is out and are you getting ready for a family trip? Get your car ready with an oil change / wiper replacement and tire rotate for only 39.99 * ( some cars and trucks, see store for details) Contact us at 425-905-2460.

Get Your Honda Repaired At carson auto repair

February 19, 2013  

At carson auto repair we offer you dealership quality and experience at an affordable rate. All our our professionally trained staff is here to serve you. We pride ourselves on honest assessments of your vehicle repair needs and top quality treatment for all of our customers from our service desk to our service technicians. We […]

Help! We Need To Find A Temporary Auto Shop For A Few Months!

February 4, 2013  

Hello all! Due to the fire we are going to be down for a month , anyone out there have a idea for a shop I can rent for a month or two? Let us know if you have any ideas!

Service Your Car At carson auto repair

January 21, 2013  

Why do you service your car? Why not fix it when it is broken? This is why! When you service your car you are preventing damage to bearings and internal lubed items from breaking. When the items inside your motor breaks it will cost a lot more then if you just serviced your car.

Lynnwood Fuel System Service

January 16, 2013  

Gasoline is on all of our minds; for starters it costs each of us a great deal of money at the pump each month! With the instability in gas prices it can start to seem like a guessing game, none of us knowing what price we will pay at the pump next time. Lynnwood Fuel […]

Free Coolant Check

January 7, 2013  

Hello all !! The time to play at the Pass is now! Snow on the mountains and time to sky. Stop by today and get your coolant checked out for FREE.

Lynnwood Transmission Service

December 14, 2012  

Transmissions are extremely important to the overall performance of any vehicle; in fact if you neglect to have your transmission serviced you’re in danger of it going out. carson auto repair has experience, knowledge, and community support when it comes to Lynnwood Transmission Service. Even if your car has yet to give you any issues, […]

Great time for service the car or truck- this is a great value!!!

December 10, 2012  

Great time for service the car or truck- this is a great value!!! Coolant flush with an oil change and 2 front wipers for only $100.00 plus tax On most cars  and trucks Dex cool extra charge Up to 5qt of oil and filter, 10w30 semi sync oil Wipers up to 22in blades, over 22in […]

Give The Gift Of Custom Exhaust For Christmas

December 3, 2012  

You want your car or truck to sound cool? Look better? Better performance? Its time for that Christmas gift of custom exhaust- stop by today and get a free quote on the exhaust system that you always wanted.

Get Your Check Engine Light Scanned For Free!

November 27, 2012  

Free free free, if your check engine light is on and your car or truck is newer than 1996 we can scan the code for you at no charge!!

Why do we need snow tires?

November 12, 2012  

Snow tires work the best when the temp is below 25 deg. studded snow tires that is, studded tires are great in ice more than slush or snow. Drop by for a quote on tires to make your drive better and safer!

What’s Stopping You?

November 5, 2012  

When you use your brake does your steering wheel shake? Any noise when you push your brakes? Stop by or call to day to get a free brake check inspection!!

Carson Cars is Now Recognized As A Automotive Emission Specialist

November 1, 2012  

If you live in or around  Lynnwood, Emission Repair is a must! In order to keep pollution out of beautiful Washington, it’s the law to keep your car up to date on emission services and repairs. In fact, you must have an emissions test regularly run on your car if one of the following applies […]

When should you replace the brake fluid in your car?

October 29, 2012  

When should you replace the brake fluid in your car? The Dealer rec: every 30k or 3 years. Brake is a oil or fluid that boils at a very high temp. it absorbs water out of the brake line to help protect the metal caliper and cylinder from rust. You need to flush out the […]

Come To Carson Cars For All Of Your Exhaust Needs

October 19, 2012  

So, you have a nice car that is pretty plain and could use some improved power and a growl from the tailpipe. Maybe, your nice car just is not giving you the MPG you had hoped for. Or, perhaps you would just like your car to run smoother and idle more peacefully. Whichever your need […]

Brr, It’s Getting Chilly, Is Your Car Ready For The Cold?

October 15, 2012  

Its getting cold out side, time to prep the car for the winter. When was the last time you serviced or flushed your coolant? How low does it protect? Stop by for a free test to see how low your coolant will protect !

Are You Due For An Oil Change?

September 25, 2012  

Are you due for an oil change? We have a great deal for you!! Semi sync oil change starting out at 29.99. call for an appointment 425-905-2460

Is Your Car Ready For Fall?

September 17, 2012  

Are you ready for the fall? Come by today and get a vehicle inspection for only 29.99 plus tax. This will check out all fluids on the car, belts and brakes.

For The Best Suspension Service Call Carson Cars

September 10, 2012  

When your suspension is not working properly, riding in your car or truck is simply not comfortable. That is why carson auto repair offers Everett Suspension System help from our certified technicians. We want to ensure that your car rides smoothly and safely, so you and those inside the vehicle with you are comfortable at […]

Check Engine Light On??

September 5, 2012  

Check engine light on? Come by for a free scan (OBD 11) only. For engine codes only- diag extra. Contact us now at 425-90-2460.

Get Your 30,0000 Mile Service At carson auto repair

August 15, 2012  

At carson auto repair we recommend that you have your vehicle serviced at major driving milestones in order to maintain peak engine performance. Buying a car with low mileage means the way you take care of it from the beginning can greatly impact the years remaining. Getting an Everett 30,000 Service Maintenance Schedule in place  […]

The Sun is Shining

August 6, 2012  

The sun is out and its time to go to the beach!! Check list before you go. Tire pressure, oil level, windshield washer fluid and transmission fluid. Stop in get the fluid checked at no charge.

Timing Belts

July 16, 2012  

Hello all, do you need a timing belt? We have great pricing on timing belt replacements, call for details 425-905-2460.

Auto Repair Services in Everett

July 12, 2012  

Locating the best center for Auto Repairs in Everett might seem a bit daunting. There are lots of service centers, but finding one that offers you reliability, exceptional service and high quality products is more difficult. At carson auto repair, we’re proud to offer you a comprehensive list of services, performed by expert service professionals. […]

Summer’s Here, AC Performace Test At Discounted Pricing

July 9, 2012  

Time to get the ac in your car working the best it can!! Stop by for an AC performance test for only $29.99! This will tell you how the low and high sides of the system are doing. If diagnosis need – $ 89.00.  Contact us at 425-905-2460 or click Here.

Your Best Bet For Subaru Service and Repair In Lynnwood

June 19, 2012  

Carson Cars: Certified Subaru Auto Service and Repair in Lynnwood Washington Carson Cars has a complete state-of-the-art service facility in Lynnwood for Subaru Repair and Service. Our ASE certified auto technicians provide identical service and repairs for your Subaru car that a dealership does and saves you money. Taking care of your Subaru by periodic […]

Windshield Or Wipers Not Doing Their Job???

June 17, 2012  

Can you see out your windshield? Time to clean the windshield and replace the wipers!!! We can do that for you! Just stop by for a quick clean and replacement! Windshield wipers are an important factor in safe driving, dont let yours keep you from you and your family from being safe. Contact carson auto […]

Coolant Flush

May 14, 2012  

It getting warm out there! Going on a trip? Time to get the coolant flushed , tires checked and the oil changed. Have you replaced your cabin air filter in your car or truck?

Time To Fix Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning?

May 3, 2012  

Summer is speeding towards us, soon the cool weather will turn warm and the sun beating sown on your car will push your car’s Air Conditioning to its limits. carson auto repair in Lynnwood, Washington (map) has been taking care of all makes and models of automobiles since 1968. Now is the time to have […]

Planning A Road Trip?

April 18, 2012  

Are you ready for a road trip? Time to get the car in for a safety inspection to check out the car or truck your going to take on the trip. Knowing any issue that your car has will keep you from breaking down on the road. Are all your service items up to date? […]

Cars Serviced at Carson Car Auto Repair Get Better Gas Mileage

April 13, 2012  

Most people enjoy driving in the state of Washington, but rugged terrain can play havoc with gas mileage, especially if you are towing a camper or boat trailer. That is why car owners around Everett Washington rely on carson auto repair to make sure sure their fuel injectors and fuel system are in tip-top condition. […]

Why rotate your tires and get them balanced?

April 3, 2012  

You car needs balanced due to the tire wears and changes the weight of the tire’s high and low side. You get better tire wear when the tire weight is right. Rotating the tires will help longer life due to your have a power  wheels cause wear on the tires. Rotating the tires will give […]

When do you need a timing belt replaced?

March 26, 2012  

Dont Get Stuck In The Rain With Bad Windshield Wipers!

March 12, 2012  

When was the last time you replaced your wiper blades? Are you looking for a spot on the windshield so you can see? You should replace the wipers on your 1 time a year. There are many additives that you can put on the washer bottle to help see on the freeway also. Rain x […]

Sports Car Exhaust

March 8, 2012  

Muscle cars are a hobby that people love to participate in. You spend countless hours designing a look that is unique and different from every other care in the world. Each modification that is put on the car is carefully chosen so it will not interfere with the operation of the engine and the sound […]

Tire Tips For Safe Driving

March 6, 2012  

Hello All ! What kind of tires do you need on your car or truck? All season tires are great for small amount of snow and rain. All season tires last from 50k to 80k. When going up to the pass or a long trip across the states and you know you’re going to be […]

All Carson Cars Come with Auto Warranties

February 21, 2012  

Carson Cars is a second generation family owned business. When you buy a car from Carson Cars’s lot you are buying a car with Everett Auto Warranty. With 300 cars on the lot, each having undergone a complete 111 point inspection by one of Carson’s certified mechanics you are assured that the car you buy […]

Lexus Repair & Service

February 10, 2012  

Lexus automobiles are technologically advanced, stylish, safe and fun to drive. They are on par with any luxury automobile that one can buy. Following the factory maintenance schedule is the most important thing one can do to keep their Lexus running at top-notch performance. Our Lynnwood Lexus repair and service facility is equipped with the […]

The sun is out and its great!!

February 8, 2012  

Thing that should be done when the sun is out and hot. A sun shade on the dash will help keep out some of the suns rays that will build up the heat. The sun shade will help with the dash pad from cracking due to the long exposure. Products that help clean the dash […]

Cleaning The Motor of Your Car

February 6, 2012  

Cleaning the motor of your car. It’s a good idea to wash down the engine 1 time a year to keep dirt and anyother items from falling in to the alternator or belts. Oil leaks the make the car smell bad can be found faster when your engine is clean. A clean motor will have […]

Lynnwood Toyota Service

February 3, 2012  

Need a good Lynnwood Toyota Repair & Service shop? Give carson auto repair a call for all of your Lynnwood Toyota Service and Repair needs! Remember the good old days, when a home mechanic could service his car himself?  Those were the days of driveway mechanics, but, today’s automobiles are far more complex. No matter […]

Cleaning Brake Calipers & Bushings

January 23, 2012  

What do you need to do after the snow is now gone? Due to the deicer, salt and sand that the snow plows use , you need to get your car into the car wash that sprays down the bottom of the car. The dirt and salt car eat at the brake calipers and bushings […]

Emissions Repair & Service

January 16, 2012  

Today, most states require that your car passes an emission test before it can be registered. One of the easiest ways to make sure your car will pass is by following the manufacture’s recommendations for maintenance and follow their schedule for the type of driving you do. Before you have your test performed, take your […]

How To Drive In The Snow

January 16, 2012  

How to drive in the snow. Do not slam on the brakes if you have loose of control. When you slam the brakes the car will just slide. Pumping the brakes will help get the control back. Slight turn of the wheel where you want to go and not turning the wheel hard. Letting off […]

Everett Coolant Flush

January 10, 2012  

Is it time for an Everett Collant Flush? What does coolant really do for you? Coolant is made to boil at a high temp when mixed with water. New coolant helps prevent eletrolosis in all the metal parts of the cooling jacket. Lubercates the water pump from breaking down. If you don’t flush the cooling […]

Exhaust Repair & Service

January 10, 2012  

 Today’s cars often require more than basic mechanics; they need special computers to ensure that diagnostics and needed services are performed. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of car care is finding a reliable Everett exhaust repair or good exhaust service shop. Car maintenance is more than just a measure we take to keep our autos safe, proper […]

Brake Repair & Service

January 4, 2012  

My brake pedal feels funny, I hear noise when I apply the brakes or my car doesn’t stop right. What’s wrong with it?, how much will it cost to fix?, will they fix it correctly? This is the conversation most drivers have when faced with potential problems. When you take your vehicle in to get […]

Automotive Winterization

December 27, 2011  

Time to start the winter sports. Make sure you have the right tires for the snow and ice. Check and antifreeze to make sure you don’t damage the engine block or radiator. Pack a winter kit the the back of the car just in case of break downs. And above all – drive safe !!!

Everett Alternator Repair Service

December 16, 2011  

If you are in need of alternator repair, then you should be prepared to remove the old alternator and replace it. There are two different types of alternators you can purchase. A brand new alternator, or you can purchase a rebuilt alternator which is probably going to be the most cost effective choice between your options. There […]

Carson Cars Sales & Service Reviews

December 13, 2011  

See what Carson Cars customers are saying…in their own words. Then visit Carson Cars for your Used Car Sales or Auto Service & Auto Repair needs today!   Pepper J. King, WA -2/18/2011   Share | I went to Carson Cars because of an ad I saw in craigslist.  I had never been to them […]

30, 60 & 90k Mile Car Service |

December 13, 2011  

How many miles are on your car? Have you done your 30, 60 or90k service to keep your warranty valid? We have services that start off at 99.99 plus tax. Have you done your timing belt yet? Most car that have a timing belt, if it breaks the engine needs to be replaced. Just a […]

Engine Coolant Service & Repair

December 12, 2011  

Now is a good time to check out the coolant in the car to see if it will pass a night of freezing. If your coolant level is not sufficient with freezing weather, it can crack the block and cause $1,000’s in damage and repair. Come by and get a free coolant check now!!

Winterization On Your Car or Truck

December 5, 2011  

Its getting cold out there!! Is your car or truck winterized and ready for the cold ? Time to get the winterization done on your car or truck. Protect your investment with normal service. Coolant flush, brake system flush should be done on most cars every 30,000 miles or 3 years. Brake fluid suck up […]

Recognizing Exhaust System Problems | carson auto repair

December 2, 2011  

The Exhaust System Repair Experts at Carson Cars advises their clients to learn about the exhaust system of their vehicle so that problems can be detected early. By recognizing the signs of exhaust system failure early, you can head off catastrophic failure and expensive repairs. Generally, you will be able to see, hear or Most […]

3 Common Engine Problems that Carson Cars Can Fix for You

November 28, 2011  

The Engine Repair Specialists at Carson Cars realize that no matter the make, model or age of your vehicle, breakdowns do occur. Proper maintenance can minimize the severity of engine problems, but as your vehicle ages, it will be more likely to break down. There are a few common engine problems that may well require […]

Brakes & Shocks

November 28, 2011  

Giving a little extra time to stop is the thing to do. The streets are slippery with all the cold (ice) weather. Oil on the roads due to car’s dripping makes it very had to stop. Having good brakes and shocks will help with the stopping of your car. More than anything is to see […]

Carson Cars Discusses Problems with Your Car’s Suspension System

November 17, 2011  

Every vehicle’s suspension system is comprised of multiple components that are designed to work together to provide a smooth ride. Over time, even with proper maintenance, suspension system components do suffer the ravages of wear and tear. The Everett Suspension System Experts at Carson Cars has compiled a guide to determine when your car’s suspension […]

Automobile Winterization

November 14, 2011  

Time to get ready for the winter!!!! Items you need to keep in the car for the snow travel. Extra water to drink, snow chains, ice melt due to getting stuck after parking. Cat littler is grate if you slide and get stuck it will get your free. Blinkets and pillow and other items to […]

3 Reason Why Your Car’s Engine Won’t Start | Carson Cars

November 4, 2011  

What’s worse than rushing around to get out the door to make it work on time? How about the engine on your car no turning over? There are numerous thing that can go wrong with the myriad of components that combine to make a car’s engine operate. Understanding the basic operation of the engine, you […]

Winter Tires – Studded Tires vs Studless Tires

October 31, 2011  

What kind of tires do you have for the winter time? Is studless better then studded tires? You get a better ride with the studless tires then the studded tires. Less noise going place to place and you don’t damage the roads we all pay for. Studded tire are good tires for ice but not […]

5 Tips from Carson Cars to Avoid Costly Repairs this Winter

October 28, 2011  

Winterizing your vehicle by preparing your car for winter can avoid costly breakdowns that are exacerbated by the frigid winter temperatures. Carson Cars‘ technicians offer preventive maintenance tips to help minimize the frustrations and safety concerns associated with a winter breakdown. 1.  Tires Winter road conditions require that you inspect your tires prior to cold […]

Coolant Flush

October 24, 2011  

Why do we need to flush the coolant every 3 years or 30,000 miles? Coolant has lubricants that gives the life to the water pump for circulation of the coolant. The coolant is a 50/50 mix of water and coolant. (some cars take different type) To keep your water pumps life up and to keep […]

How Carson Cars Prepares Your Car for Winter

October 20, 2011  

It seems like yesterday you were advised to prepare your vehicle for Summer driving – right? Well…believe it or not, it’s time to Winterize your vehicle! Carson Cars is the Everett Expert for Auto Winterizing. While there are some steps you must take before Winter arrives, there are many that are best left to the professionals: […]

Time To Winterize Your Car

October 20, 2011  

Time to get ready for the cold winter days & winterize your car. Items that need to be done, coolant flush every 2 years or 30,000 miles, oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles, brake flush every 3 years or 30,000 miles. Are you ready for the snow and cold weather? We can test […]

Shock Absorbers & Suspension Systems

October 17, 2011  

Even the most basic understanding of your car’s suspension system, specifically the shock absorbers can help you determine if you are having a problem. The Everett Suspension Experts at Carson Cars can diagnose and repair any problems you may be having with the handling of your car. By determining whether the problem is related to […]

Did your fuel pump stop working?

October 10, 2011  

Why did your fuel pump stop working?  Due to running the vehicle out of gas will cause the little inner motor to over heat in the fuel pump. The fuel is the cooling system that keeps the fuel pump from overheating. Running out of gas a few times takes the life away from the pump. […]

What Does Motor Oil Do for a Car’s Engine? | Carson Cars Wants You to Know!

October 10, 2011  

Every engine in every car requires oil to operate. One of the most important general maintenance issues for a vehicle is changing the oil on a regular basis. The Oil Change Experts at Carson Cars explains exactly what motor oil’s function is in your car’s engine. 1. Lubrication The primary function of motor oil is […]

Repair Your Car With After Market Warranty

October 3, 2011  

Did you know we repair car with after market warrantys!!! We have a very good turn around rate with the warranty company’s to get your car fixed at little or no money out of your pocket. Come and give us at try with your after market warranty-

Recognizing When Your Car’s Alternator Needs Repaired/Replaced – carson auto repair & Service

September 29, 2011  

The alternator in your car produces electricity to recharge the battery and to operate the electrical components of your car. The components that rely on a functioning alternator include: Ignition Radio Air Conditioning/Heating Lights – inside and out Fans Pumps As the alternator fails, there may be signs that you will recognize if you know […]

Timing Belt Replacement

September 27, 2011  

The timing belt in your car needs attention like every other component of the vehicle’s engine. The Timing Belts are designed to need changed between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. Although some are designed for 100,000 frequency change, it is always best to follow your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for recommended maintenance intervals. What Does the Timing […]

Is Your Check Engine Light On? | Check out our Auto Diagnoisis Discount

September 26, 2011  

Is your check engine light on?  Is your car running fine but the light will not go out? Is your service light on and flashing? These are signs of the engine not running the way it should. When you check engine light comes on , the car is telling you that its sick and needs […]

Timing Belt Replacement

September 21, 2011  

The timing belt in your car needs attention like every other component of the vehicle’s engine. Most Lynnwood Timing Belts are designed to need changed between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. Although some are designed for 100,000 frequency change, it is always best to follow your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for recommended car maintenance intervals. What Does […]

30k, 60k & 90k Mile Car Service

September 19, 2011  

How many miles are on your car? Have you done your 30, 60 or90k service to keep your warranty valid? We have services that start off at 99.99 plus tax. Have you done your timing belt yet? Most car that have a timing belt, if it breaks the engine needs to be replaced. Just a […]

Prevent Battery Drain in Your Car – Everett Battery Service & Replacement

September 17, 2011  

You’re running late, the meeting will start without you! You’ve got everything  planned to the minute – and the car won’t start…arrrrgh! So, you use your husband’s car to jump the battery – whew, it starts…all is well with the world. Until, that night, after working a 14 hour day, your car won’t start again! […]

Oil Change Service | Why do you change your oil every 3,000 miles?

September 12, 2011  

Why do you change your oil every 3,000 miles? This is why !! Normal oil starts to break down at 500 mile. Semi syn. Oil starts to break down at 1500 mile and full syn oil starts to break down at 2500 mile. Why change your oil every 7500 mile when you know the heat […]

Understanding Your Car Battery – Eliminating Battery Drain

September 12, 2011  

Most car owner’s really don’t think too much about the battery – until it dies. How much do you really know about your battery? Routine check and maintenance of your Everett Car Battery can avert the unfortunate stranding incident in the mall parking lot. SLI Battery Automotive batteries are a type of rechargeable battery; the […]

Choosing the Correct Coolant for Your Car | Cooling System Service

September 9, 2011  

So often, car owners overlook the coolant in their vehicle’s cooling system. Until it’s too late, that is! As one of the most important fluids in your car, the coolant levels should be monitored. The Everett Cooling System Service experts at carson auto repair can assure that the coolant quality and level in your car’s […]

Is It Time To Check Your Shocks & Struts

September 6, 2011  

When was the last time you got your shocks and struts check? Did you know that 30% of the stopping of your car is the shocks and struts keeping your vehicle from swaying front and rear. At carson auto repair shop in Everett, we are have a great sale on shocks and struts!! Right now […]

Prepare Your Car For Winter with an Automotive Service

September 6, 2011  

Harsh winter driving is just around the corner. Preparing your vehicle for the impending season will help you avoid cold weather hazards. The experts at Everett Automotive Service can help you prepare for winter driving by: Mechanical Inspection Everett Automotive Service recommends that you have the following services performed to prepare your vehicle for winter […]

What Happens if I Put Too Much Oil in My Car? Everett Oil Change

August 31, 2011  

As with any machine, the engine of your vehicle must be serviced on a regular basis. Scheduling regular Everett Oil Changes for your vehicle will help keep it in peak operating condition. Keep in mind that more is definitely not better with regard to engine oil. Too  much oil can cause as much damage to […]

Oil Change Special

August 29, 2011  

Oil change service is the most important service your car needs.  Keep you car on the road long when using our semi- synthetic motor oil. At carson auto repair we have a great price of $29.99 on most cars with 5 qts of Phillips 76 motor oil.  And during our routine oil change we will be checking […]

Emergency Brake Service & Repair

August 26, 2011  

The emergency brake is a secondary braking system installed in all vehicles. Separate from the primary brake system, it is also called: e-brake; parking brake; or hand brake. State and federal law require emergency brakes on all vehicles. Types of Emergency Brakes Although today’s cars have safety measures to indicate potential brake problems or imminent […]

Understanding the Fuel System in Your Car

August 23, 2011  

Learning about your car’s fuel system will help you understand and possibly troubleshoot fuel related problems. It can also help you speak intelligently to your mechanic about a Lynnwood Fuel System Repair. In the order that the fuel passes through the system: Fuel Tank The fuel tank is the container that hold the fuel (pumped […]

How Your Radiator Works

August 23, 2011  

A functional radiator is critical to the operation of your vehicle. By understanding just how the radiator works, and what it does, you will be aware when your car is in need of Everett Radiator Service & Repair. What Does the Radiator Do? The process of internal combustion within the engine of your car creates […]

Car AC Repair, Service & Maintenance Speicals

August 17, 2011  

Hello all, it warm out side and the sun is shinning. Does your ac work on your car? Have you tried it this year ? Come over and see us for a quick ac performance test that only $49.99. We check out the high and low sides of your cars air conditioning system to see […]

Improve Your Car’s Performance with a Custom Exhaust System

August 17, 2011  

Everett Custom Exhaust experts at carson auto repair have many years experience with performance exhaust systems.  The exhaust system of a car carries the products of combustion from your car’s engine safely away from the engine and passenger compartment. The exhaust system components are: Cylinder Head & Exhaust Manifold Tubo-charger (optional) Catalytic Converter Muffler The […]

How Does An Oil Filter Work?

August 17, 2011  

As an essential component to any car’s engine, oil must be filtered efficiently to maintain its integrity. In the course of an engine’s operation, oil absorbs a number of contaminants: Soot particles from combustion Metallic particles from engine parts Fungus from the air Bacteria from the air Dust and other dirt from the air Your […]

Does you car a/c work? Is it blowing cool or warm air?

August 12, 2011  

Have you had your car AC serviced in the last year? Right now we can service you’re a/c system for only $49.99 plus Freon – what this service Includes – checking pressure on the high side and low side for the system. Checks the cycle switchs for the compressor, and includes dye and seal treatment. […]

Exactly What is an Everett Tune Up?

August 11, 2011  

Many older cars have simple magneto ignition systems, with one ignition coil for each spark plug. Each coil must be adjusted so each coil sparks at the same intensity, providing optimum acceleration and idle. The coils “buzz” when in operation; when properly adjusted, all the coils buzz “in-tune” – which is the origin of the […]

4 Reasons Your Car Could be Leaking Oil

August 5, 2011  

As you leave your driveway you noticed a couple drops of oil right where your car was parked….no big deal – right? Right, until a week later, those few drops have turned into more of a puddle, every time you park anywhere! By the end of a month, you realize that you are adding oil […]

What can I Expect with a Acura 90K Mile Service?

August 2, 2011  

Experience teaches that proper maintenance of your vehicle will ease the pain of your Everett Acura 90K Mile Service. With regular maintenance and inspection, the items that can lead to expensive repair bills can be avoided. Keeping in mind that every vehicle suffers wear and tear regardless your attention to detail, the 90K maintenance is crucial […]

Preventing Oil Sludge with Scheduled Oil Change

July 29, 2011  

A problem that has become more evident since 1997 is  the formation of sludge in an car engine’s oil. Excessive oil sludge can result in catastrophic engine failure. To avoid the expense of an engine re-build, it is crucial that you have a Snohomish Oil Change on a regular basis, per manufacturer’s recommendations. Oil Sludge […]

Is Synthetic Oil Better for My Car?

July 28, 2011  

Produced initially for high performance engines, the debate continues with regard to whether synthetic oils are better than traditional fossil fuel oil. Although, some high-end automobiles specifically state the need to use synthetic oil; and not doing so will void your vehicle’s warranty. Always follow manufacturer’s stipulations as to what oil to use in your […]

What to Expect on a 60,000 Mile Tune-Up

July 22, 2011  

It used to be that a car was an unnecessary luxury – long, long ago! Today, your car is a vital component to your life. As your primary means of transportation to work, school, grocery shopping and a myriad of other daily activities, it is essential that you maintain your vehicle. As you the miles […]

What to Expect with a 30K Tune-Up

July 20, 2011  

Routine maintenance of your vehicle is essential to extending its life expectancy! If you are closing in on your Everett 30K Tune-Up, you may be curious as to what to expect. While most vehicles will undergo similar maintenance, there will likely be some variance in pricing depending on your car’s specific needs. Transmission  For automatic […]

Determining the Best Oil for Your Everett Oil Change

July 15, 2011  

Choosing the best oil for your car’s engine may seem a bit confusing, but the certified technicians at Everett Oil Change can help you decide which oil is the best for your car. Remember waaaay back when, you had to ‘winterize’ your car by changing to a lighter weight oil? Not the case anymore, with multi-season […]

Causes for Overheated Engine — When to Seek Help From Lynwood Cooling System Service & Repair

July 13, 2011  

Did you know that the average gasoline combustion engine is only 22% – 28%  efficient? That means that 72% – 78% of the heat produced through combustion must be ‘managed’ or removed by the cooling system to protect the engine! Although efficiency increases with engine temperature, there is a limit to how hot an engine […]

Why Must the Spark Plugs be Inspected with a Fuel System Service?

July 8, 2011  

Very simple in theory, the spark plug forces electricity (40,000 – 100,000 Volts) across a specific gap. This high voltage electricity travels down an electrode and to the engine block, where the spark is grounded. The elegantly simple design of the spark plug: Must withstand high temperatures and pressure inside the cylinder Must minimize build-up […]

Did You Fail the Washington State Emissions Testing Program: Snohomish County Emissions Repair

July 7, 2011  

Has your vehicle recently failed the Washington State Emissions Test? The Snohomish Emission Repair specialists have the facilities to test your vehicle and repair any problems discovered. Incredibly frustrating as that may be, the proven results of the emissions program cannot be ignored. Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Test While you cannot fool the […]

6 Common No Crank/No Start Problems — Lynnwood Auto Electrical Services

July 1, 2011  

In an attempt to get your idle car started, chances are the your first thought will be that the battery needs replaced. Don’t rush to judgement, however, as it can be any number of items within the ignition switch and starter circuitry that is keeping your vehicle from starting. Check Battery: By first checking the […]

Common Causes for Engine Cranking with No Start — Snohomish Electrical Service

June 28, 2011  

  After a full diagnostic of the ignition circuitry (See article: “6 Common No Crank/No Start Problems — Lynwood Automotive Electrical Services“) your Snohomish Electrical Service/Repair technician will likely next check out the Fuel Pump Circuit of your vehicle. Should you be experiencing an ‘engine crank with no start’ issue, chances are the problem is […]

Tailpipe vs. OnBoard Diagnostics for Lynwood Emissions Testing Service

June 26, 2011  

When the time rolls around for Lynwood Emissions Service on your vehicle, you just might benefit from a rudimentary understanding of the testing process. Chances are that if you have a car that was manufactured after 1996, your technician/inspector will use the On Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) method to check your emissions. Alternatively, the […]

Are the Scheduled Maintenances Really Required for My Chevrolet?

June 22, 2011  

Every car requires certain adjustments, services and repairs on a routine basis. Ignoring the schedule for your Lynnwood Chevrolet Services can not only void your warranty, it can lead to premature wear on components. Carson Car’s qualified technicians can perform these scheduled services for less than what your dealer may charge. Timing Belts Timing belts […]

How Drum Brakes Work | Lynnwood Ford Brake Repair & Service

June 16, 2011  

While disc brakes are more efficient and effective, some cars use drum brakes in combination for economic reasons. Generally, if disc and drum brakes are used in concert, you will find disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear of the vehicle. To learn more about disc brakes, see previous post: How […]

How Disc Brakes Work | Dodge Brake Repair & Service

June 9, 2011  

As a driver, as long as your Dodge stops when you depress the brake – everything’s great, right? Well, not necessarily. By learning about the typical brake system on your car, it is possible that you will notice even a slight change in how well your car reacts when you brake.  Everett Dodge Repair experts […]

4 Primary Reasons for Catalytic Convertor Failure – Emission Repair and Service in Everett, Mukilteo, Snohomish and Lynwood Washington

May 31, 2011  

One of the worst things to hear from your emission testing station is that your car has failed the mandated emission standard. Chances are, however, that you have noticed a decrease in fuel efficiency over time. The fact of the matter is that if the catalytic convertor has failed on your vehicle that failure is […]

Everett Suspension Repair & Tire Rotation With carson auto repair

May 26, 2011  

Many drivers discount the importance of rotating their vehicle’s tires. Fortunately, this process is easily completed for you with Everett Suspension Repair experts at carson auto repair. Regular tire inspection and rotation will extend the life of this most essential part of your car! ROTATION PATTERN While each vehicle outlines the specific pattern of rotation, […]

Do You Practice Kaizen With Your Honda? Everett, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Snohomish Honda Does!

May 23, 2011  

What is Kaizen you ask? The literal translation: Kai =  Change Zen = Good The philosophy of Kaizen is based of 5 basic principles: Teamwork Personal Discipline Improvement in Morale Quality Suggestions for Improvement Although the fundamentals of Kaizen originated with the American occupation of Japan after World War II in an effort to aid […]

Why Won’t My Pontiac Start? Pontiac Service & Repair with Certified Technicians in Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Washington

May 20, 2011  

Pontiac vehicles are no longer being manufactured but Everett Pontiac Repair and Service is still available at carson auto repair. It’s 8:00 am, the kids are waiting in the car, you’re running late (as usual)…where are the keys? Ah-found them! Quick! You can almost make it to work on time….to the car, your beloved, faithful […]

Muffler Basics – When it’s Time for a Muffler Repair in Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Washington

May 17, 2011  

So, that annoying noise that is so obviously coming from your vehicle turns out to be the muffler. After praying for weeks to the ‘car gods’ that it won’t be a horribly expensive repair, the noise is now so loud that you have to wear earplugs on the way to work, right? Sounds like it’s […]

Do I Really Need to Wax My Chevrolet?

May 13, 2011  

While most Chevrolet owners view waxing the exterior of their vehicle as a task reserved for special occasions. Even folks that are meticulous with regard to maintaining their Chevy mechanically, often consider waxing as less important. The specialists at Everett Chevrolet Service will agree that neglecting your car’s exterior will not cause a mechanical failure, […]

What Does The Check Engine Light Mean on Your Chevrolet? Everett Chevrolet Service Center Has the Answer

May 13, 2011  

So just what does that ominous “Check Engine” light on your Chevrolet really mean? The initial thought for most drivers is that the vehicle is definitely going to leave them stranded – but this may not always be the case. The certified technicians at Everett Chevrolet Service shop can diagnose any warning light quickly with the […]

Tires or Suspension – What is Wrong With My Ride? | Buick Service Shop in Everett Offers Advice

May 12, 2011  

The technicians at your local Buick Service Everett shop will tell you that the suspension system of your Buick is engineered to offer a smooth, stable ride. It is not uncommon for a vehicle to handle or ride differently with the failure of any one of the multiple components of your Buick’s suspension system.  For […]

Save $$$ at the Fuel Pump: Buick Service and Repair in Everett

May 10, 2011  

Achieve greater fuel efficiency with regular Buick service in Everett Today’s economy requires that every facet of our lives be closely scrutinized to shave costs where possible. One sure way to reduce your monthly output is by keeping your Buick in prime running order. The one place that can insure that your Buick is running […]

GMC Repair Everett,Washington – Your Dealer Alternative

May 9, 2011  

GMC Repair Everett for all your repair needs! A common misconception is that you must take your new car to the dealer that sold you the vehicle. This is absolutely not the case! Especially if you live in or around Everett, Washington. For guaranteed affordable service on your GMC, check out the best GMC Repair […]

Preparations for Summer Driving at Everett GMC Service

May 8, 2011  

With summer quickly approaching, it is essential that you have your vehicle ready for the season. Everett GMC Service has GMC certified technicians that specialize in keeping your GMC auto in tip-top shape. Before taking to the road this summer, let the folks at Everett GMC Service make certain there are no auto failures while […]

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a GMC Service Provider

May 8, 2011  

Everett Auto Repair – GMC Specialists Any mechanic will tell you that regular service is the best way to keep any vehicle running efficiently and smoothly for many years. The issue then becomes which is the best place for GMC service in Everett. Always remember: you do not have to return to the dealer that […]

Everett Buick Repair Listens to YOU

May 8, 2011  

How many times have you taken your car for repair or service and the mechanic seems not to hear a word you say? Or – that annoying noise/smell that has been driving you crazy magically disappears just as you pull in for service….which is undeniably frustrating not only for you but for the mechanic as […]

Are You an Everett Buick Service VIP?

May 8, 2011  

In today’s economy, every penny saved is cause for celebration. To save even more money on service costs for your Buick, check (hehe) out the V.I.P. Preferred Automotive Repair Plan available at Everett Buick Service! Carson Cars is already the choice for an economical trustworthy alternative to Buick dealer services – employing only the most […]

Even Weekend Mechanics Trust Everett GMC Repair

May 7, 2011  

How many times have you heard this story? The oh so talented weekend mechanic decides that “it won’t take but a couple hours” is now 3 weekends in on what was supposed to be a ‘simple’ repair. At this point, the car’s engine is scattered across the garage floor and the end is nowhere in […]

Reputable Everett Car Repair

May 5, 2011  

Everett Car Repair, Service and Maintenance Shop. If you live in or around Everett, car repair is one chore that you are fortunate enough to have the quality staff of Carson Cars to complete. With certified technicians for both foreign and domestic cars including but not limited to: Acura BMW Chevrolet Audi Dodge Volkswagen (Be […]

Chevrolet Service & Repair in Everett Washington

May 3, 2011  

Chevrolet vehicles are built to last, and they can definitely take a beating when needed.  And in order to get the most out of your Chevy, it’s important to keep up on the routine maintenance and service that is required. Whether you are a new Chevrolet owner or a current Chevy lover and have just […]

carson auto repair is Your One Stop Everett Clutch Repair Shop

April 28, 2011  

If you don’t take proper care of your clutch, it can cause damage to your transmission.  When your clutch is working properly, it is a smooth fluid motion.  Allowing you to have full control over the gears without damaging the transmission. With a vehicle clutch, the driver is in full control over the gears, there […]

Everett Brake Repair

April 20, 2011  

Any vehicle will suffer from the natural effects of wear and tear. To avoid accidents that can cause loss of property, death and physical injuries, brakes must be checked every now and then to make sure that the car is safe and not a hazard to the driver, the passengers and those who are crossing […]

Everett Muffler Service & Repair

April 18, 2011  

One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the muffler. It keeps the vehicle in top working condition and keeps the engine quiet as well. Tired with all the noise? Then your muffler might be in need of a repair. Sometimes these kinds of automotive problems cannot be fixed by you. Almost all […]

Is Your Car Ready For a 30,000 Mile Service Everett

April 8, 2011  

So your car is due for a 30,000 mile service, are you asking yourself is it worth the expense? If you want to prolong your vehicle as long as possible and keep it running at the maximum potential, then the answer is yes. There are many different areas that will be checked and replaced with your vehicle […]

Everett Transmission Service do you need it?

April 1, 2011  

The Automatic and manual are two types of transmission in a vehicle. There are different ways is maintaining and service for each transmission. Transmission Service Everett has different components this includes changing of fuel and filters and also lubricating gears and other components inside a car. Some thinks that changing transmission fluid is the only […]

Help I need Transmission repair in Everett!

March 29, 2011  

What will you do when you are stuck alone and need your transmission repaired? Sometimes just thinking about vehicle problems especially with transmission may mean it’s time to car shop which can be stressful and expensive. Why not learn the basic in troubleshooting your vehicle transmission. Everett Transmission repair may not be as bad as […]

The Best Everett Muffler Repair

March 25, 2011  

To keep your car in mint condition is the challenge most car owners like you have encountered. The vehicle, being a complex unit, is made up of different parts working together and relying upon the performance of other parts for the whole to function correctly. Among the many components of your car, the exhaust system […]

A Few Do’s and Dont’s for Brake Repair

March 23, 2011  

It is very important that your brakes are properly working. It can lead to accident if your brakes aren’t properly maintained and checked regularly. Therefore it is extremely important to have your brakes repaired immediately even if it is just a small problem. Make sure that you check your brakes for signs that there is […]

How to Find Affordable Expert Auto Repair

March 18, 2011  

People are always looking for the best Everett Auto Repair shop. They always want to get good quality of service with an experienced technician and  of course they also want to make sure that the price is reasonable. How would we know if we are getting the best Everett Auto Service for our vehicles? Knowing […]

Is it time for Transmission Service?

March 14, 2011  

There are two types of transmission, the Automatic and Manual transmission which both require different types of maintenance.   When getting Transmission Service for you vehicle it has several components, including changing of the vehicles fuel and filters, while also lubricating gears and other components inside a cars transmission. Some people think that changing transmission […]

Should You Seriously Consider Exhaust Repair

March 12, 2011  

Ever wonder why there is an abundance of machine shops around the country offering muffler and Everett exhaust repair services? If you haven’t, then there is much to learn. These shops offer a variety of services to keep your car running in the way it is intended to run. Case in point, these shops make […]

How You Can Be More Fuel Efficient

March 8, 2011  

With gas prices constantly climbing lately it’s a good idea that everyone take any possible steps to be as efficient as possible. By repairing any issues within your fuel system you can improve your fuel economy, it will run smoother and will have an overall better performance. The function of the fuel system is to […]

Muffler Shop Everett

March 2, 2011  

There are three main purposes of the muffler , exhaust, and emission system. To reduce the temperature of the exhaust To quiet the sound of the internal combustion engine To control the emissions that your vehicle creates The harmful gases from your exhaust system can be extremely dangerous to us and the environment if it’s not working […]

What to Do If You Failed A Everett Emissions Test?

February 24, 2011  

If your car is 4 years old or older you have been one of the many that spend every other year  sitting in line to get your vehicles emissions tested. If you go on a week day usually pretty early in the morning you are able to bypass the long lines that tend to form […]

The Winter Placing Havoc On Your Exhaust System?

February 21, 2011  

Your exhaust system is generally one of the last things people worry about until you hear clanking or something sounds like its dragging while your driving. Salt that has been  added to the roads in Seattle during winter can decrease your exhaust systems longevity. If you think there might be an issue or if your […]

Brake Repair Inspections in Everett

February 14, 2011  

Brakes are one of those things you just expect to work when you want them to. Most of the time you wont be let down if you keep them properly  maintained. In order to prevent any dangerous road conditions you will need to have your braking system taken apart for a true inspection.  The worst way to find out that […]

Everett Transmission Service

February 10, 2011  

While getting your oil changed commonly auto repair shops offer a complete maintenance inspection. During the inspection the technician will check the condition of your transmission fluid. After checking the fluid and the technician notices its dirty or smells abnormal, they will recommend you get a Everett transmission service. After you give the auto repair shop the go ahead they […]

Auto Repair Preventative Maintenance

February 5, 2011  

Is Your Car Ready For Auto Repair or Auto Service Maintenance? We all know that in order to maintain your car it requires automotive repairs, auto maintenance and oil changes on a regular basis.  There simply isn’t any way around this fact.  There is however, a smart way to go about how you maintain your […]