Auto Muffler & Exhaust Installation & Repair Service

Everett Muffler Repair & Service: Is It Time To Repair Your Muffler?

A Everett muffler repair job can reduce noise from your engine.  Your muffler is usually installed beside the exhaust pipe of your vehicle and can have a significant impact on the noise coming from your vehicle. The tubes and chambers of a muffler can send sound waves which are produced by the engine. By adding the multiple sound waves together, the sound waves tend to cancel each other out, which creates less noise (sound) for your vehicle.

Why is my muffler making such a loud noise?

If your muffler is constantly making loud noises, similar to a hissing or crackling sound, your muffler is probably worn out and may need to be replaced. A lot of short trips with cold weather could leave too much condensation in your exhaust pipe system and cause corrosion over time. Also, small holes and exhaust leaks can develop over time, or cracked and damaged pipes and exhaust systems can occur. Even a very minimal amount of carbon monoxide that escapes into the passenger compartment from leaks can be very dangerous..

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