Noises that Signal a Need for Exhaust Repair in Everett

exhaust repair in EverettHearing noises from your car is typically not a good sign and a certain way to tell that something, somewhere is not operating properly. Sometimes the only way you can know that you have a problem with your exhaust is by hearing strange noises coming from beneath the car. Know what to “hear” to determine if you need exhaust repair in Everett.

If there is an issue, it is often in the silencer. This component of the exhaust system is closer to the back of the auto and the greatest distance from the engine and can show evidence of corrosion due to acidic moisture. Silencer problems are usually noticed with a loud roaring noise in the exhaust.

Hissing sounds may indicate a cracked exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe or even a leaking gasket. A blockage in the exhaust system often accompanies a chugging-type sound.

A rattling sound likely means that your exhaust system has come out of alignment. A vibration with metallic noises could indicate a loose bracket or mounting.

Looking under the vehicle at the exhaust system can sometimes pinpoint the problem. Cracks, holes and corroded areas signal the necessity for Ford or Chrysler repair.

If you notice unusual sounds coming from your vehicle’s exhaust or are concerned about the exhaust system in general, schedule a service appointment for exhaust repair in Everett with Carson Auto Repair. Speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians by calling (425)905-2460. Our team has an excellent reputation for reliability and affordability in the Western Washington community.