Auto Emissions

Carson Cars Auto Repair offers Washington Certified Emissions Testing. Our emission service is built to test your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly.  If you end up needing to lower your car or truck emission, we can service, repair or waive your emissions for you quickly and cost effectively.

In the state of Washington, automobiles are found as one of the main sources of air pollution. Many health issues have been linked back to the pollution found within our state, including asthma, heart attacks and even cancer.

Automobiles along with other forms of transportation, also produce almost half of the greenhouse gas emissions in our state. These gases cause climate change which can effect everything from snow levels, flooding and more potential salmon loss.

With that being said, making sure your vehicle passes emissions may not sound like much but it’s a key factor in keeping Washington residents healthy and our state beautiful.

At Carson Cars Auto Repair, we understand the importance of passing Auto Emissions. We  believe in making every car on the road, a safe one. So much in fact that the Dept of Ecology gave Carson Cars Auto Repair, Full Emissions Certification. We are certified to perform testing, repairs and even issue waivers. Contact us at Carson Cars for Certified Everett Emission Services.