Tips for Reliable Auto Repair in Lynnwood

It is not only a major inconvenience when something is wrong with your car, it can also be a safety issue. When your new or pre-owned vehicle starts to shimmy without warning, begins to burn oil, the A/C stops working or some other unwelcome issue develops, it can be a challenge to find a capable repair shop to take care of the problem. Unless you have had a favorable experience with a particular business in the past, it can be hard to choose a reliable mechanic for auto repair in Lynnwood.

When you bring your car to a repair shop, keep these tips in mind:

  • Getting an estimate in writing is crucial. Don’t be afraid to get a second estimate from another company if the repair will be extensive and costly. Most vehicle repair establishments expect this.
  • Conduct some online research about the labor rates for mechanics in your area. These can vary significantly from state to state, city to city within a state and even shops in different parts of the same city. You may be able to negotiate costs for labor or parts. Trying this technique can save you money if you are willing to put forth the effort. It never hurts to ask.
  • When auto parts are replaced, either ask for the “old” parts or reimbursement for their “core value.” Sometimes vehicle components can be remanufactured and sold so being paid for your support to this effort is sensible.

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