Signs that You Need Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

Signs that You Need Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

If you are in need of exhaust repair in Lynnwood, Carson Auto Repair can help! Our experienced mechanics can fix your exhaust and do any other repairs you may need.

If you have an exhaust issue, chances are you will know it using your eyes and nose. When the exhaust of your car is failing, there tends to be a thick cloud of black smoke trailing behind your vehicle. The fumes coming from the exhaust smell, are unsightly, and also pose a health threat to people breathing them in. We’ve all been behind a car with a bad exhaust one time or another, and we know how terrible the fumes are.

Another tell-tale sign that your exhaust is on the way out is that there will be a loud noise. It doesn’t just expel fumes, it also muffles the noise coming from your vehicle. If you start to hear a loud rumbling you will know that something is probably wrong with your exhaust system.

A less obvious sign is that you might start noticing less fuel efficiency. If you start getting fewer miles to the gallon, you may have an underlying bigger issue of your exhaust going bad. This may not be a sign in and of itself but coupled with a loud roar will probably be a pretty good indicator that you have something wrong with your exhaust system.

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