Routine Car Service in Lynnwood is a Must to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Routine Car Service in Lynnwood is a Must to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

When folks get a new car, they tend to think it will operate just fine for a long time. And yes, you should expect a new vehicle to be trouble-free for quite some time. However, to ensure that continues to be the case, you should schedule regular car service in Lynwood. Waiting until the service lights start going off is not a good idea and will only cost you more in the long run.

Great Reasons for Routine Vehicle Service

One of the main reasons for routine maintenance is to find small problems and deal with them immediately. This prevents them from turning into much larger ones. Other reasons include:

  • A vehicle in good shape has a longer life span
  • Well maintained cars get better gas mileage
  • A mechanic should handle certain routine services
  • It’s not safe to let your vehicle go without service

30, 60 & 90k Mile Car Service

Depending on the make of your car, your warranty may recommend certain services. Check your manufacturer guide and see if you need service at 30, 60, or 90k miles.

Watch for the Signs Your Car Needs Help

One of the best ways to deal with issues right away is to know what signs indicate a problem. It is often simple to fix minor problems when you bring your car to us right away. If you see any of these signs, you need to contact us right away:

  • Weird Noises – After you drive your car a while you know what normal sounds like. If things start sounding strange, there is a problem.
  • Gas Mileage Changes – it may time for a tune-up if you start getting lower mileage than before.
  • Odd Smells – Strange odors can indicate a problem. A burning smell could be some of the wires burning. Musty smells could be a problem with the air conditioner.

Make sure your car is well taken care of by scheduling car service in Lynwood today. Give us a call at Carson Auto Repair at (425) 905-2460 to schedule an appointment today!