Does My Car Really Need a 90k Mile Service in Lynnwood?

Does My Car Really Need a 90k Mile Service in Lynnwood?

When buying a new vehicle, most people are eager to keep it looking and acting new as long as possible, so when the time comes for the 30k mile service, virtually everyone is on board with this maintenance step. At 60k miles, fewer individuals will continue to ensure that their auto is running correctly with a 60k mile service. If you still have your car at 90k miles or more, you may not even want to bother with the 90k mile service in Lynnwood. This is a mistake. It’s even more important to care for your auto at this late stage in life.

Increased automotive knowledge and advances in technology allow vehicles to last much longer than they did years ago. In fact, it is quite commonplace for an auto to meet or exceed 100k or 200k miles and up. Following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule will likely save you a lot of money on repairs so make time for Chevrolet, Toyota, Acura, or BMW service.

At about 90k miles, you can expect normal wear and tear on vehicle components. You can avoid a breakdown with this routine service that includes brakes, tires, drive train, fuel, cooling system, exhaust, steering, suspension, and belts. There is typical and expected wear that happens on certain vehicle parts. Also, filter and fluid replacements are necessary for the vehicle to run smoothly and lessen the likelihood of expensive repairs in the future.

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