Do You Know When You Need Emission Service In Lynnwood?

Do You Know When You Need Emission Service In Lynnwood?

The emission system for your vehicle controls a variety of things, including the emissions, pollutants, and exhaust. Your emission system is the frontline of defense for helping to reduce many harmful gases from getting out into the environment. If it is time for emission service in Lynnwood, you can come into Carson Auto Repair so that our team can take a look at:

  • System use sensors
  • Exhaust components
  • Computerized engine controls, and more

All of these elements listed must be, by law, kept in excellent operating condition.

Your Exhaust System

The exhaust system for your vehicle starts just behind the engine itself. The exhaust manifold is connected to the engine’s cylinder heads and helps to collect gases from the exhaust. The gases go throughout the exhaust system and get analyzed through the oxygen sensors. These gases are then refined within the catalytic converter and then get muffled out by the vehicle’s muffler.

When the emission system is working in tip-top shape, it helps the engine to run smoother as well as a lot quieter and cleaner.

Emissions Testing

If you are driving a car from 1996 to the latest models, our team can hook it up to our testing equipment via the onboard port. This is a standardized test that helps us to determine the health of your system, which is used in conjunction with a visual inspection. You will receive a pass or a fail based on how the monitors perform.

If you are noticing that your check engine light is on and wonder if it could be related to your emissions system, these are some of the areas that we can check:

  • Ignition timing
  • Vacuum lines
  • Gas cap
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust gas recirculation
  • Engine oil (for contamination)
  • Air injection system, and more

If it is time for you to think about emission service in Lynnwood, Carson Auto Repair is here to help. Call (425) 905-2460 for more information.