Everett Suspension Repair & Tire Rotation With carson auto repair

Rotating TiresMany drivers discount the importance of rotating their vehicle’s tires. Fortunately, this process is easily completed for you with Everett Suspension Repair experts at carson auto repair. Regular tire inspection and rotation will extend the life of this most essential part of your car!


While each vehicle outlines the specific pattern of rotation, the general pattern is to swap (rotate) the tires in a ‘criss-cross’ pattern. Each time your tires are rotated, the front left and rear right are exchanged and the front right and rear left are swapped.


Each of the 4 tires on your vehicle wear differently, according to its position on the car. Regular rotation allows the tires a more even wear, sustaining the life of each tire. Each car has its prescribed schedule for rotation, some tires specify a unique schedule as well. It is likely best to abide by the most strict schedule. Generally the schedule of rotation is expressed in miles travelled between service (for example every 5,000 – 10,000 miles). As stated by the tire manufacturer Goodyear:

a good rule of thumb is to rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles


There are several considerations that determine the pattern of rotation for each vehicle:

  • In the US, the right tires take a beating from curbs
  • Front-wheel drive cars wear heavily on the front tires
  • Anti-lock brakes can cause uneven wear all around

Fortunately, Everett Suspension Repair is a full service center – you can easily schedule your tire rotations with your oil changes. Proper tire maintenance will not only assure that your driving experience is at its most pleasant but will save you money and assure that your tires are safe. Visually inspect your tires regularly; any imperfections or gross wear patterns must be addressed immediately!