7 Signs Indicate Auto Repair in Snohomish

Auto Repair in SnohomishA problem with your car will not simply go away on its own. Actually, if left untended, it can cost you a great deal more. Pay attention to the following 7 signs that you need immediate attention and probable auto repair in Snohomish. Dealing with an issue promptly can save you both time and money.

  • Your check engine light is flashing. This signals that something is wrong with one of the hundreds of systems that are monitored by your car’s computers. A check engine light that remains lit indicates that you should have it checked.
  • There is smoke seeping out from under the hood. You may have an over-heating situation. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge, as well.
  • Too much smoke is coming from the exhaust. If a burning smell accompanies the smoke, you may have an oil leak. Seeing black residue near the exhaust pipe also indicates a problem.
  • Issues with acceleration, sudden surges or unusual sounds should be examined as they may signal a transmission problem.
  • Leaks of any type other than water are not a positive sign and signify the need for Buick or Acura repair.
  • Dragging, droning, grinding and squealing noises could be the wheels or brakes.
  • A shaking, racing or chugging engine is probably a performance problem and signals the need for a tune-up.

For any problem with your vehicle, contact the expert mechanics at Carson Auto Repair by calling (425)905-2460. We will be happy to run a diagnostic and offer affordable solutions for auto repair in Snohomish.