Yes, You Do Need a 30k Mile Service in Mukilteo

There is a lot of debate among auto dealerships, car owners and mechanics about the necessity of the recommended 30k mile service in Mukilteo, as well as that of the 60k and 90k mile services. While a mechanic shop certainly wants the business, it is not all about making money.

30k Mile Service in Mukilteo

To get the absolute most from your vehicle, it is crucial to maintain it well. That means periodic checkups and services so that each component continues to run smoothly. Stemming a potential issue before it even begins goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of your car.

The costs for a 30k mile service vary according to whether you have an SUV, truck or car; its make and model and the type of drive train it has. Your comprehensive service will include inspection of all moving and non-moving parts under the hood and the vehicle itself. Fluid levels will be checked and topped off or flushed and replaced according to need. Tires will be closely examined, rotated and balanced. Any possible problems will be brought to your attention and discussed at length.

In addition, note that to keep your vehicle’s warranty valid and up-to-date, you must have a 30k service. Failing to do so invalidates the warranty.

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