Why do I need an oil change?

oil change service in Mukilteo.oil change service in Mukilteo.oil change service in MukilteoYour vehicle’s engine oil travels a long way from its reservoir underneath the hood. That’s one reason it is important to regularly check the oil level on the dipstick. If it has been awhile since your last oil change, the oil on the dipstick is likely dark and dirty-looking. This is a good indication that it is time for an oil change. Bring your auto from Mukilteo to carson auto repair for quality, affordable and quick oil change service in Mukilteo.

Clean engine oil serves several purposes for your car. While the vehicle is running, it helps to maintain and regulate the engine temperature to prevent overheating. It keeps many engine components lubricated for continuous smooth operation and reduces friction between parts that run together. As time goes on, debris from worn parts accumulates in the oil to form sludge and the oil cannot effectively do its job.

The oil change service at carson auto repair not only will replace dirty, gunky oil and your oil filter, but performs safety checks on a variety of your car’s systems, including: brakes, coolant, air filter, brake fluid, belts, hoses, washer fluid and windshield wipers, transmission fluid, tire pressure and suspension. We will top off any fluids that are low and will advise you if any part we check needs further inspection, and can provide those services as well.

For excellent service, call the qualified technicians at carson auto repair at (425) 905-2460 to schedule your next oil change service in Mukilteo. We look forward to your call.