When Would Your Car Need Fuel System Service in Lynnwood?

When Would Your Car Need Fuel System Service in Lynnwood?

Cars are comparable to people in that they need regular checkups to ensure everything is operating smoothly and without long-term issues. What do you do when you have a problem with a leak, something you notice only after your vehicle is parked for a while? It might be time for a full fuel system service in Lynnwood – courtesy of the experienced professionals at Carson Auto Repair.

Aside from a leak while parked, here are some indicators that your car would be fuel system service.

  • Whining or gurgling noise coming from the fuel pump.
  • Sputtering comes from the engine when driving.
  • The car stalls when it reaches high temperatures.
  • Loss of power or difficulty getting the car to “go” after long stalls or stops.
  • Problems starting the car from a parked position.
  • A sudden decrease in power, especially when traveling uphill.

Fuel systems fail for different reasons that depend on your car’s age, use, make, and model. Whenever you feel something’s amiss, or if you see a significant leak when parked, it’s time for a service to remedy the issue before it becomes something that can no longer be fixed.

How Often Should You Take Your Car to Carson Auto Repair for Regular Fuel System Service?

Your car needs a full fuel system service that involves cleansing and replacing the elements at least once per year. Most cars will also be subject to fuel filter changes every 30,000 miles. Fuel system service recommendations are outlined in the owner’s manual in some makes and models.

Contact Carson Auto Repair to Remedy Your Car Problems!

At Carson Auto Repair, we are experienced experts, savvy to the many issues that face both older and modern automobiles. When you have a leak or a sputtering engine, we are happy to help with full fuel system service in Lynnwood. To make an appointment, call us at (425) 905-2460.