What To Expect With Brake Service In Lynnwood

What To Expect With Brake Service In Lynnwood

If you have noticed a noise or shaking when you apply the brakes in your car, you may be due for brake service in Lynnwood. Knowing what to expect before you go into the shop helps you understand the process. There are many aspects of your vehicle’s brakes that need to be checked. Here at Carson Auto Repair, you can trust that our team has your best interest in mind. Take a look below to see how our brake department can help you stop when you need to.

Pads and Shoes

These components of your brakes are essential to help you stop when you apply the brakes. As they wear thin, you can start to hear a squeaking or scratching noise, and it can eat into the rotor of the brakes. This is important that you have plenty of pads or shoes so that you can adequately stop. This is one of the areas that our technician will check and replace if you need service.


When it comes to the rotors on your vehicle, they could need a turning or replacement. This is where the technician comes in. They can determine what damage, if any, has been incurred and how much longer the rotors will function properly for your vehicle.

Other Parts

Other items that your technician can check include the brake fluids, wheel cylinders or calipers, and also all the brake hoses that run through the system.

It is vital that you have routine brake service in Lynnwood to ensure your car is going to stop when you need it to. Do not waste time and skip out on regular maintenance appointments. If your car is due for service, contact the team at Carson Auto Repair at (425) 905-2460.