What to Expect with a 30K Tune-Up

Routine maintenance of your vehicle is essential to extending its life expectancy! If you are closing in on your Everett 30K Tune-Up, you may be curious as to what to expect. While most vehicles will undergo similar maintenance, there will likely be some variance in pricing depending on your car’s specific needs.


For automatic transmission vehicles, the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) will be removed and replaced. There is controversy surrounding a service termed ‘flushing’; the best way to assure that your ATF is clean and fully replaced is with a non-pressurized full replacement. After replacement of the transmission fluid filter, your mechanic will drain the transmission of all ATF; with the plug out, will run new ATF through the transmission until it runs clear. Once the fluid is running clear, the plug is replaced and the fluid completely replaced.

Cooling System

Much like the ATF replacement, the cooling system will also be ‘flushed’. By draining the system completely of spent coolant, your mechanic will then run a detergent through the system, with the plug removed. Once the detergent is running clear, coolant is passed through the system (plug removed) until all detergent is removed. Your mechanic will know that the detergent is fully flushed when coolant runs clear. At this point the plug is replaced and the system filled with new coolant. Be careful with regards to a high pressure flush!

Electronic Ignition

Computer checks are run on your ignition, assuring that emissions are in order. Additionally, if needed, the spark plugs will be replaced. Finally, the injection system will be serviced at this time.

Oil Change

If required (according to your vehicle’s last oil change) the oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter will be changed. A chassis lubrication will also be performed. Additionally, all other fluids will be checked and brought to full levels. A thorough inspection under the car will also be performed at this time.


All brake pads and rotors/drums will be inspected and replaced/machined as indicated.


Wheel alignment will be checked and modified to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Tire tread will be measured and replaced as indicated. Tires will be rotated as necessary and balanced. Wheel bearings will be repacked as required and air pressure on all tires measured and adjusted as necessary.


All lights (brake, headlights, fog lights, parking lights, etc.) will be checked and replaced as necessary. All coolant hoses will be inspected for excessive wear and replaced as indicated. Belts will be inspected for wear and tension; adjusted/replaced as required. Finally, the windshield wiper blades will be replaced, and the battery charge tested.