What to Expect on a 60,000 Mile Tune-Up

It used to be that a car was an unnecessary luxury – long, long ago! Today, your car is a vital component to your life. As your primary means of transportation to work, school, grocery shopping and a myriad of other daily activities, it is essential that you maintain your vehicle. As you the miles add up, maintenance becomes even more important! In addition to regular oil changes, you must be certain to provide scheduled tune-ups, including a Everett 60,000 Mile Tune-Up.


What to Expect

Every manufacturer has it’s own specific requirements for scheduled maintenance, but there are a number of services to expect at your Everett 60,000 Mile Tune-Up:

  • Timing Belt – will be inspected for excessive wear. Since a broken timing belt can lead to catastrophic (expensive) engine damage, it is essential that it be inspected and replaced as indicated. It is a good idea to replace the crankshaft and crankshaft seals at this time as well.
  • Cooling System Hoses – a thorough inspection will be performed and hoses replaced as indicated.
  • Spark Plugs – all will be replaced, regardless of type (platinum or non-platinum)
  • Automatic Transmission Service – as with the 30K Tune-Up, the transmission fluid will be fully replaced. There is evidence that supports replacement, rather than pressure flushing as the safer course of action. To fully replace/clean the transmission fluid, your mechanic will open the plug, and completely drain the existing fluid. With the plug still out, new transmission fluid will be run through the system until it runs clear, after which, the plug is replaced and the system re-filled with new fluid.
  • Cooling System Flush – similar to the ATF flush, the cooling system has an additional step; once the old coolant is drained from the cooling system, a detergent is flushed through the system, with the plug removed, until the solution runs clear. With the plug still out, new coolant is flushed through the system, until it runs free of detergent solution. The plug is replaced and the system re-filled with new coolant.
  • Ignition Tune-Up – complete computer and emissions test is completed in addition to a thorough injection system service.
  • Fluid Levels – all levels are checked and adjusted as indicated.
  • Brake System – thorough inspection of the entire system, especially all brake pads and rotors/drums, repair/replace as necessary. Brake fluid lines are inspected for leaks and repaired/replaced as indicated.
  • Suspension & Steering – full inspection and adjustments made as indicated
  • Tires & Wheels – replacement of worn tires, rotation, balancing and pressure check, with adjustments as indicated.
Each scheduled tune-up (15K, 30K, 60K, etc.) includes more items, as increased mileage imposes wear and tear on every system in your car. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your car for much longer!