What Should Lynnwood Drivers Know About 90k Mile Service?

What Should Lynnwood Drivers Know About 90k Mile Service?

Vehicle manufacturers work harder every year to ensure that the autos they deliver last longer and perform better so that you get the most for your money when buying a car. You can help with this process by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine maintenance examinations. This includes services for 30k, 60k, and 90k mile service in Lynnwood.

Why Service at 90k Miles?

When your car is working as it should, you and your passengers feel safe and comfortable in all types of driving conditions. As part of regular Ford, Toyota, or BMW service, certified mechanics will evaluate all vehicle components to determine efficiency and proper operation. Having this service completed regularly will allow professionals to detect potential problem areas before they worsen. As autos age, belts and tires, and other parts can become excessively worn and lead to unsafe operating conditions.

What is Included?

Routine 90k mile service includes careful vehicle inspection of tires and mechanisms under the hood and underneath the entire vehicle. Areas of assessment cover spark plugs, transmission, belts, exhaust, the heating and cooling system, radiator, rotation of tires, and scrutiny of fluid levels. An overall check for safety is also an important part of this service. Taking care of problems before they advance is a wise move for all vehicle owners and provides welcome peace of mind when you or a member of your family is on the road.

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