What Options For Auto Service in Lynnwood Does Carson Auto Repair Offer?

What Options For Auto Service in Lynnwood Does Carson Auto Repair Offer?

Owning a car means you need to know all about the general upkeep and maintenance that goes into keeping your vehicle running strong and smooth. Carson Auto Repair offers a plethora of different options when it comes to auto service in Lynnwood. We are experienced and professional with years of combined knowledge that goes into the care and maintenance of every car that comes through for service.

There are dozens of reasons why your car may need to have an inspection, and not all of them are bad. Upkeep of your car is comparable to the upkeep of yourself. You go to the doctor regularly to ensure good health, just like you’d bring your car to Carson Auto Repair regularly to ensure the same. Your vehicle needs regular, scheduled care in the same ways you do.

How Long Does a Car Normally Last?

The longevity of a car isn’t linear. It’s dependent on the age, use, make and model, and repair or replacement history. On average, an American automobile has an eight-year or 200,000-mile lifespan. Some cars can last longer; some cars only have a few good years before they need a serious overhaul or to be taken off the road altogether.

Every car is different, but you can increase the likelihood of lengthy longevity with regular inspections and repairs. Think of it as a checkup.

How Much Does Mileage Matter to the Health of a Car?

To an automobile, mileage is the equivalent of age to people. The average car treks 12,000 miles per year, highway miles. Can you imagine walking or running 12,000 miles per year? That’s almost 32 miles per day, and your feet would have significant signs of wear and tear.

Mileage matters because cars have limits. Once those limits are reached, repairs and replacements become more prominent. For more information about auto service in Lynnwood, give us a call at Carson Auto Repair – (425) 905-2460.