What is included in a brake service in Lake Stevens?

The brake system is one of the most important components of your vehicle, whether it is a newer or older model. Dependent upon several factors, such as city or highway driving, how you apply brakes (hard or soft), the age of the components, etc., brake equipment will wear out over time.  Sometimes it is sooner rather than later. To avoid potential problems before they happen, scheduling periodic brake service in Lake Stevens is crucial.

brake service in Lake Stevens

Since the lives of you and your friends and family are at stake every time you travel in your car, a brake specialist will evaluate every aspect of your brake system during a visual inspection of:

  • brake pads and shoes
  • calipers
  • master cylinder
  • rotors
  • brake fluid
  • wheel cylinders
  • brake lines
  • ABS solenoid valves
  • wheel bearings

After closely looking over each part, your brake technician will recommend repair or replacement as required. This is applicable no matter what vehicle you have or whether you need Ford, Chevy or Chrysler repair.

If you have neglected to bring your auto in for routine brake maintenance and are having a problem with your brakes, bring it in as soon as possible so that we can evaluate the issue. Squeaking, vibrating, shaking, a loose or a hard pedal all signify a situation that must be immediately addressed.

Call the experts at Carson Auto Repair today at (425)905-2460 to set up an appointment for your brake service in Lake Stevens. Let us help you get back out on the road quickly and safely.