What Does The Check Engine Light Mean on Your Chevrolet? Everett Chevrolet Service Center Has the Answer

What Does Check Engine Light Mean on Your Chevrolet?So just what does that ominous “Check Engine” light on your Chevrolet really mean? The initial thought for most drivers is that the vehicle is definitely going to leave them stranded – but this may not always be the case. The certified technicians at Everett Chevrolet Service shop can diagnose any warning light quickly with the most current diagnostic tools.

One thing is certain – when the check engine light illuminates, there is definitely a problem with your Chevrolet’s emission system. A vehicle’s emission controls are monitored by:

  1. On-Board Diagnostic System
  2. Engine Control Unit

If there is any anomaly in the readout from either system, the ‘Check Engine’ light is illuminated. There are numerous faults that can cause this hateful little glow to emit from your dash. Not all reasons will ruin your day, however, so take a breath, and head to Everett Chevrolet Service for a quick diagnostic of your car’s computer.

The lengthy list of potential problems include (but are not limited to):

  • Oxygen sensor fault
  • Manifolds or hoses cracked or leaking
  • Spark plugs or wires corroded or loose
  • Gasket head blown
  • Gas recirculation valves sticking
  • Fuel injector o-rings pinched or deteriorated

You can check a few of the obvious items and even repair or replace at little or no cost. Be certain the gas cap is tight as a good first step. Go directly to Everett Chevrolet Service for a complete engine diagnostic and estimate for repair.

Although your vehicle may be functional with the ‘Check Engine’ light on, you will likely be wasting fuel, emitting excess pollution and even causing damage to your engine. As such, it is crucial that you determine the cause of this annoying indicator as soon as possible. By the way – covering the light is not taking care of the problem!  So when you’re Check Engine Light comes on, make sure to get your car diagnosed by a Carson Cars certified Everett Chevrolet Repair technician.