What do those warning lights mean? Auto Service Everett can help.

Service LightUh oh! A warning light on my dash just lit up! The warning lights on your dashboard are also known as “check engine” lights. When these lights flash on, there’s a problem somewhere and it’s important to get it checked out right away. The experts at Auto Service Everett will use diagnostic computer equipment to plug in to your car and evaluate what’s wrong. Using this apparatus saves the mechanic time so he can work with the precise problem, whether it’s the transmission or exhaust.

After plugging in your vehicle to the computer, a report is usually forthcoming in less than an hour.  The information from the diagnostic usually appears in code, although sometimes a precise problem is listed. In a code reading, the letter at the beginning determines the general area of issue. A “P” refers to the power train, “B” the body, “C” the chassis or frame and “U” is undefined. The number following the letter is commonly either a “0” or a “1.” The next number tells the area of the problem in your auto. For example, a “1” indicates something wrong with the fuel or air, “2” is the injector and “3” is the ignition. Subsequent numbers further specify the problem area.

Our auto technicians at Auto Service Everett take the computer diagnostic reading and use it to target the specific trouble area in your vehicle. They evaluate and analyze the situation and give you the information you need to determine the appropriate repair and approximate cost. Does your vehicle need a computer diagnostic? Call our service department at 425-905-2460 for YOUR auto service in Everett.