What can I Expect with a Acura 90K Mile Service?

Experience teaches that proper maintenance of your vehicle will ease the pain of your Everett Acura 90K Mile Service. With regular maintenance and inspection, the items that can lead to expensive repair bills can be avoided. Keeping in mind that every vehicle suffers wear and tear regardless your attention to detail, the 90K maintenance is crucial to maintaining the value of your car.


  • Check for damage and excess wear
  • Inspection of control arms or ball joints
  • Inspection of shocks and struts
  • Inspection of linkages and bushings
  • Test for proper operation
  • Inspection of steering linkage and tie-rod ends
  • Inspection of steering pump and hoses 
  • Inspection of steering gear and boots
  • Replace power steering fluid – this is not the same as a power flush! Although some technicians refer to the replacement as a flush, verify that they are no performing a power flush on your transmission.
Fuel System
  • Replacement of fuel filter as applicable
  • Inspection of all fuel lines for leakage
  • Inspection of fuel tank mounts for security
  • Full test for proper operation; adjust as indicated
  • Inspection of all pads, rotors and drum surfaces; replace, machine as indicated
  • Inspection of calipers and hoses; repair/replace as indicated
  • Inspection of brake shoes; replace if thickness indicates
  • Inspection of wheel cylinders and axle seals
  • Verify parking brake operation and adjust as indicated
  • Full test for ABS operation
  • Brake fluid should be fully replace every 2-years; if this coincides with 90K, have fluid fully replaced
  • Belts inspected and replaced as indicated
  • Hoses inspected and replaced as indicated
  • Test for vacuum or fuel leaks within engine
  • Inspect all connections and wiring (ignition cables, etc.)
  • If interval indicates, change oil and filter
  • Air filter replaced if indicated
  • Spark plugs, inspected and replaced if applicable
  • Drive axles inspected for damage and/or leakage
  • Transmission inspected for leaks
  • Transmission service (if within interval)
  • Transfer case fluid service (4×4) – if indicated
  • Differential service if applicable
  • Inspect full exhaust system for leakage or damage
  • Inspect heat shields
  • Inspect muffler and exhaust pipes
  • Inspect Flex pipes
  • Inspect exhaust system mounts; repair/replace as indicated
  • Inspect tires for uneven wear/tread depth; replace as indicated
  • Rotate tires
  • Balance tires
Exterior & Interior Condition
  • Inspect seat belts for operation; repair/replace as indicated
  • Door latches and hinges lubricated
Cooling System
  • Inspect all hoses and belts; replace as indicated
  • Inspect system for leaks; repair as indicated
  • Coolant should be fully replaced (not pressure flushed) every two years
Air Conditioning
  • Check blowers for proper operation
  • Determine both A/C and heat are operating properly
  • Cabin air filter replaced if applicable
Computer Diagnostics
  • Perform scan and address any codes
Cost for 90K Maintenance
Depending on the condition and upkeep of your Acura, the price will vary. It is expected that if you have maintained your 30k and 60k services per manufacturer’s recommendations, the wear and tear of items by the 90k service should be minimal. This is a major service and as such will certainly cost more than a routine oil change. Rest assured, however, that Everett Acura 90k Mile Servicewill offer the most comprehensive maintenance available.