Tires or Suspension – What is Wrong With My Ride? | Buick Service Shop in Everett Offers Advice

The technicians at your local Buick Service Everett shop will tell you that the suspension system of your Buick is engineered to offer a smooth, stable ride. It is not uncommon for a vehicle to handle or ride differently with the failure of any one of the multiple components of your Buick’s suspension system.  For Suspension Repair Everett residents choose Carson Cars certified Suspension Technicians.

Wear and/or failure of any one of the components of the suspension will result in a noticeable change in a vehicle’s handling. A systematic approach is the best way to diagnose your Buick’s handling issues. Not all handling problems are related to faulty suspension.

The best place to begin your search is with the nuts & bolts of the system. Check that all connections are tightened properly. Replace/tighten all nuts that are missing or loose on the undercarriage and wheels.

Tire Pressure/Uneven Wear

Low or uneven tire pressure can result in what seems like a suspensions problem. Issues with tire pressure can cause your car to ‘pull’ to one side. If your car develops a shimmy (‘flip-flop’), this could also be due to low/uneven tire pressure or uneven tire wear. Tire wear can also cause a car’s steering wheel to vibrate especially when traveling at high speeds.

Check the pressure in all 4-tires with a tire gage. Adjust the pressure as required with compressed air. Most gas stations and car washes offer compressed air stations. Rely on Carson Cars for tire replacement by their Buick Service in Everett.

Wheel Alignment/Balancing Problems

A vehicle that is mis-aligned or wheels that are unbalanced can also simulate a suspension problem. Either problem can cause your Buick to shimmy or pull to one side or cause vibration in the steering wheel. Alignment and balancing are best left to the experts at Buick Service Everett.

Worn Shocks and/or Struts

If you are feeling a ‘clunk’ through your steering wheel when you ride over a bump, this could be due to shocks and struts that are badly worn. Another explanation could be worn ball joints or strut bearings as well. Should your car become a ‘low-rider’ without your permission this is another sign of worn shocks and struts.

For the best prices and guaranteed work, take your Buick to Carson Cars – Buick Service in Everett to replace your shocks and struts.

Never leave the ultimate diagnosis of a problem with your vehicle unconfirmed. This is merely a guide to give you better understanding of potential solutions. It is always best to err on the side of caution and have any problem you are having with your Buick’s ride to the professionals at Buick Service in Everett.