Time To Fix Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning?

Summer is speeding towards us, soon the cool weather will turn warm and the sun beating sown on your car will push your car’s Air Conditioning to its limits. carson auto repair in Lynnwood, Washington (map) has been taking care of all makes and models of automobiles since 1968. Now is the time to have your car’s Air Conditioning Lynnwood system inspected and serviced, before the hot weather hits. Call us at 425-905-2460 to make an appointment for a tune up of your auto’s Air Conditioning system.

carson auto repair technicians are certified and will treat your car as if were their own. As a family owned business, Mike Carson, of the second generation of the Carson family to lead carson auto repair is committed to providing excellent service at affordable prices. The commitment to service extends to free pick-up and delivery of your car for servicing or providing you with a loaner car while yours is in the carson auto repair shop.

AC Service Steps

The service technician who will be responsible for your car will:

  • Measure the pressure of the coolant in your car’s system
  • If the pressure is low, add coolant to bring the pressure to the manufacturer’s specification
  • Test your AC running it on high and use a special thermometer to measure the temperature at the vent

If the temperature is not within the parameters set by the automaker, you may have a leak. To find out, the technician hooks your car up to a special refrigerant recovery system. All hard lines will then be inspected for cracks. Sometimes a dye is used to help the technician in the investigation. Usually, expensive aluminum hard lines do not fail and do not need replacement. It is more likely that one of the components of the system has failed such as the compressor

Air Conditioner Compressor

Most late model cars with air conditioning use a refrigerant known as R 134A. The compressor spins at a very rapid speed to force the refrigerant to expand and become cold. The compressor is made to spin by your car’s serpentine belt. Ultimately, a compressor that is running an air conditioning unit that is used heavily will fail. To help your car’s air conditioning compressor have longer life, owners need to service their air conditioning systems at least one a year. The R 134A refrigerant needs to have oil added to it to make everything in your AC unit function smoothly. Premature compressor failure is often linked to insufficient oil. At Carson, we make sure that there is the correct amount and type of lubricant in your system when we service it.

Should your compressor need replacement we may ask your permission to replace some minor parts near the compressor, even if they have not failed. We do this as much of the cost of the compressor work is labor, and with the compressor taken out, getting to these parts is easy. It is preventative maintenance to protect you from a large repair bill in the future.

At carson auto repair all work is guaranteed. Call us now to schedule your Air Conditioning service: 425-905-2460 or contact us now.