The Value of a 30K Mile Service in Lake Stevens

30K Mile Service in Lake StevensThere is much debate among new car owners and mechanics as to the importance and relevance of a 30k mile service in Lake Stevens. The simple answer is “yes.” It is crucial to ensure that your major investment remains in excellent shape and operates safely and smoothly. In fact, if you do not complete the 30k, 60k or 90k mile service recommendations, any warranty claim will likely be denied.

The type of 30k service that your vehicle requires depends a great deal on its make and model. Your owner’s manual should provide details for your specific brand. In general terms, a typical 30k service includes the following vehicle systems:

  • Transmission – Inspect filter, drain and flush transmission oil, refill with appropriate fluid.
  • Cooling Components – Clean out and replace the coolant, complete a pressure test to check for leaks.
  • Electronic Ignition – Evaluate the computer, emissions, spark plugs.
  • Fluids – Check all levels and top off.
  • Brakes – Assess brake pads and rotors.
  • Steering/Suspension – Look over and test.
  • Filters – Replace the air and fuel filters.
  • Tires and Wheels – Check the alignment and balance, tread.
  • Miscellaneous – General car condition, oil change if needed, chassis lube, lights, hoses, belts, wipers, battery.

In addition, if any part needs to be repaired or replaced, the mechanic will notify you and complete this service, as well.

To ensure that your vehicle receives a thorough and accurate 30k mile service in Lake Stevens, speak with one of the certified technicians at carson auto repair at (425) 905-2460. We are pleased to provide reliable and effective Chevrolet service, Buick service or service for any vehicle type.