The Importance of Regular Brake Service in Lynnwood

Brake Service in Lynnwood

Routine maintenance and regular brake service in Lynnwood are important items to check off your vehicle “to do” list to ensure that this equipment operates efficiently and safely on the road. It is not only extremely dangerous but frightening to apply your brakes and have nothing happen. Periodic brake service can keep this from happening.

Weak brake execution, strange noises and bothersome vibrations negatively affect your driving, and are hazardous to you and your passengers as well as others sharing the highways with you. It is essential that your entire brake system operates at peak performance at all times.

There are two main kinds of brakes that are most common in today’s vehicles. Ceramic brakes are fairly popular since they are quite stable under all temperature environments, vibration is minimized and they are not as rough. Heat distribution is managed through fibers made from ceramic, copper and steel.

NAO or non-asbestos organic is the other style of brake. They are manufactured with fiber, rubber, glass and Kevlar and are more flexible and make almost no noise. However, these brakes usually wear out sooner than ceramic brakes.

As part of your Cadillac service or other vehicle service program, brakes are a part of the inspection and repair, if necessary. The team at Carson Auto Repair is proud of our all-inclusive brake service plan that makes certain of even brake operation and efficiency of all vehicle components.

Contact Carson Auto Repair at (425) 905-2460 for an appointment for your brake service in Lynnwood before a minor brake problem becomes a serious one. We look forward to working with you to supply a comfortable and safe ride in all seasons.