The Winter Placing Havoc On Your Exhaust System?

Your exhaust system is generally one of the last things people worry about until you hear clanking or something sounds like its dragging while your driving. Salt that has been  added to the roads in Seattle during winter can decrease your exhaust systems longevity. If you think there might be an issue or if your vehicle failed an emissions test its a good idea to get your vehicle lifted to have it inspected by an Everett Exhaust System Repair Technician. If you insist on looking at the vehicle yourself here are a couple of important points to keep in mind. Make sure the exhaust system is cooled you do not want to touch a hot exhaust system. Crawling under the vehicle is a bad idea and make sure not to use concrete blocks which can break or crush, you will need to secure it on jack stands.

Seams or Connections where water condensation can rust mufflers and resonators, also check for road damage or dents. Some suggest hitting the muffler with a rubber mallet and listen for rattles indicating loose baffles. Keep in mind exhaust pipes can appear okay from the outside, but if they are rusting from the  inside it can result into paper thin walls. Another way to check the condition of exhaust pipes is using a pair of large pliers to see if you can crush them. Check for  discoloration on the metal  which can indicate a leak.

After all the inspections are done make sure the exhaust is vented to the outside to protect yourself from carbon monoxide. Then  turn the vehicle on to listen for any leaks from the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, resonator and connecting pipes, especially at the connection points. Have someone help by blocking the exhaust for a short time as this can increase any hissing or whistling to make detection easier. It might be a good idea to look into scheduling a everett exhaust service on your exhaust system  if you come across any of these issues to see about having it replaced.