Synthetic Motor Oil: How Often Does It Need Changed?

Oil change service in EverettFor a car’s engine to perform efficiently, it must be properly lubricated with clean fluids. The function of motor oil is to flow between the moving parts of the engine to reduce friction. Without motor oil, the engine would quickly overheat and grind to a stop.

The longer motor oil is used, the less effective it becomes. The oil begins to break down and lose its viscosity or “slickness”. This may severely damage components within the engine leading to expensive car repairs and new parts.

Regular motor oil should be changed approximately every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Synthetic motor oil has proven to be extremely cost effective and efficient as an alternative lubricant to regular oils. Synthetic oils are effective for up to 6,000- 9,000 miles, depending on how the vehicles is driven. This means they last almost three times longer than conventional motor oils.

Because synthetic oils retain their viscosity for longer periods of time under harsh working conditions, an oil change service is needed less frequently. Synthetic oils are more expensive but, in the long run, they are much more cost effective than conventional alternatives.

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