Signs You May Need Your Exhaust Repaired

Signs You May Need Your Exhaust RepairedIssues that your vehicle is experiencing that relate need to the exhaust system need to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to determine if you are in need exhaust repair because many of the red flags are silent. Its important to know the signs to look, listen, and smell for to ensure that your exhaust system is running properly and as efficiently as possible without causing further damage to your vehicle.

Signs You Need Exhaust Repair:

Smoke from Tailpipe- If your tailpipe starts to smoke excessively, it could signify muffler damage. If your muffler is damaged, your car’s engine is comprised and needs to be inspected as soon as possible. Any color of smoke should be looked at to make sure the problem is not severe.

Corrosion on your Exhaust- Your exhaust system is critical to the proper function of your vehicle, so if you notice that your exhaust pipes begin to corrode, the problem needs to be corrected quickly. The sooner you diagnose exhaust issues, the less damage the issue will have on your vehicle overall.

Odd Odor- A damaged exhaust system will sometimes give off a foul odor that can leak into your car. If you start to smell an unpleasant odor in your vehicle, you should have your car serviced to determine if this is an exhaust related issue that can be corrected.

Loud Noises- Two problems with your exhaust system can create an unusual noise, making it easy to diagnose exhaust problems. A popping noise can be a sign of muffler damage and an unusually loud exhaust can be a sign that your entire exhaust needs to be replaced and could potentially be leaking.

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