Signs that You Need Car Repair in Lynnwood

Car Repair in Lynnwood

Every vehicle owner gets a little nervous when they see the “check engine” light begin to glow on the dashboard. Problems can range from a simple $5.00 gas cap to a complicated repair that can cost thousands. However, that little light can actually help you and save you money by letting you know there is an issue before it becomes severe. If your check engine light is on, bring it in as soon as possible for car repair in Lynnwood.

Here are some common reasons that your warning light may illuminate and signal the need for Ford, Toyota or Buick repair:

  • Lost or loose gas cap. A technician can easily (and sometimes for free) tighten a wobbly gas cap or replace it at minimal cost. If the cap is off for an extended period, gas will evaporate and lessen gas mileage.
  • Defective oxygen sensor. A broken sensor sends inaccurate information to the vehicle’s computer about the amount of fuel in the gas tank. This is a relatively inexpensive repair at about $300 or so.
  • Faulty mass air flow sensor. This device evaluates the amount of air delivered to the engine, which controls fuel flow. A broken sensor causes the car to lose power, decreases fuel economy and can create surges when accelerating. Repair ranges from about $400-$500.
  • Spark plugs that misfire. Ignoring this issue can cause damage to the catalytic converter. Engine power and fuel economy are also affected. You can replace the plugs yourself or bring the car to a mechanic.
  • Inoperable catalytic converter. If your catalytic converter is broken, it is likely the result of failure of a related component like a spark plug, so routine maintenance is important. Replacement is expensive.

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