Schedule Your Auto Air Conditioning Service in Mukilteo Now

Many of us are so relieved to finally (and hopefully) be rid of colder temperatures that home and vehicle air conditioning are definitely not at the forefront of our thoughts at the moment. However, now is the perfect time to schedule your annual auto air conditioning service in Mukilteo. Inspection and repair before you need them can save you time and aggravation later in the season.

Auto Air Conditioning Service in Mukilteo

It is important to have a little background information on your auto A/C, whether it is part of your Ford or Audi service, so that you have a basic idea of how the system works and will be able to intelligently discuss car air conditioning situations with your mechanic. Essentially, your vehicle’s air conditioning is a car refrigerator that is designed to cool the interior of your auto in a unique way. It effectively moves the hot air inside the car to the outside.

Essential parts of your auto air conditioning system include:

  • Refrigerant – Older model autos utilize Freon and require special licensing for its use, while newer vehicles carry more eco-friendly R-134a.
  • Compressor – This unit circulates the refrigerant throughout the system.
  • Condenser – Changing the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid, it rids the auto of unwelcome heat.
  • Orifice tube or expansion valve – Pressure and refrigerant flow are controlled with this mechanism.
  • Evaporator – Heat is moved through the evaporator to cool the air.
  • Dryer/receiver – This component filters the refrigerant to remove debris and moisture.

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