Schedule Your Exhaust Repair in Snohomish to Ensure Vehicle Safety

exhaust repair in Snohomish

Hearing noises coming from your vehicle’s exhaust system is not a positive sign. However, there may be issues even if you do not hear something. It is typical for original exhaust components to last from 5-7 years but damage from salt and city driving is possible before that time. It is best to have a professional mechanic inspect the entire exhaust system each time you have your oil changed or have another maintenance service to ensure that you do not need an exhaust repair in Snohomish.

Examination of the exhaust system should be comprehensive and begin at the engine and extend to the tailpipe. A leak can occur at any point in between. Problems such as manifold leaks, the junction of the head pipe and manifold and cracks or holes anywhere along the lines. Hissing or popping noises, buzzing or rattling, whistling and escaping gases all indicate the need for an immediate repair. There may be weak exhaust pipes, loose heat shields, excess rust, a blockage somewhere within the components, backpressure or a plugged catalytic converter.

A leak in the exhaust can be quite dangerous, as carbon monoxide can escape into the interior of the vehicle. Since it is odorless and colorless, this toxic gas can cause serious illness or even death.

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