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90K mile service in Lake StevensRoutine vehicle maintenance is critical to ensure that your auto continues to operate effectively and safely for you and your passengers. Car manufacturers set maintenance timing standards for their vehicles and when components should be checked. Generally, they all recommend, at the very least, having a 30K, 60K and 90K mile service in Lake Stevens by a certified mechanic at a reputable auto repair shop.

Of the 3 suggestions for periodic maintenance, the 90K mile service is likely the most important. With the excessive use of essential parts, evaluation of their condition is necessary to make certain that they are functioning efficiently. At this stage in the life of a car, the timing belt often should be replaced, as expensive damage occurs if this belt ceases to function. In addition, replacement of all vehicle fluids aids in maintaining longevity of components.

Virtually all vehicle manufacturers list service schedules in the operation manuals that accompany the cars and are relatively standard in their recommendations. However, you know your auto better than anyone. If you feel something is just not “right,” bring it in for Cadillac service.

Depending on the make and model of your car, its year and kind of drive train, all the routine appointments Depending upon the type of vehicle, make and model, year and drive train, different services are necessary at specific times.

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