Schedule Your 60K Mile Service in Lynnwood Today

Schedule Your 60K Mile Service in Lynnwood TodayIt is gratifying to know that since Americans spend so much money each year on new vehicles, that the autos are lasting longer than ever before. Having more than 100k on the odometer (if you keep your car that long) is standard and expected. To ensure that your vehicle maintains its integrity – inside and out – it is important to schedule a 60k mile service in Lynnwood.

If your vehicle is still under warranty it is helpful to note that you must have a 30k and/or 60k mile service to keep the warranty valid. Not obtaining required service appointments will invalidate your warranty.

The exact type of service that will be completed at your 60k mile checkup depends on several factors, including the make and model of the vehicle and the type of drive train it has. A comprehensive inspection covers all components evaluated during a 30k mile service and much more. Special attention will be given to replacing all fluids, changing out spark plugs and timing belt, replacing tires and the drive belt, exchanging old brake pads for new ones, etc. Additional services on other components are completed as required.

Carson Auto Repair is proud to provide quality warranty service for all makes and models and can accommodate Audi repair and that of any other model, as well. Call (425)905-2460 to schedule your appointment for a premium 60k mile service in Lynnwood with certified technicians who know their way around a vehicle. Keep your car’s warranty valid with required automotive services.