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Fuel System Service in Lynnwood

You know that if the fuel system is not completely functional on your vehicle that it will not run well, if at all. This also affects fuel efficiency and overall vehicle operation, as well as adding extra costs for you. Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for fuel system service in Lynnwood to make sure that your auto is running in peak condition, whether you are traveling to work or are planning a long-distance trip.

To run, your car needs 3 things: fuel, air and spark. These are integral components of a properly operating fuel system. The components that make up this system include:

  • The tank holds your gas or diesel fuel.
  • The fuel pump is usually located in the fuel tank (on newer models) and are operated by electricity or the motion of the engine.
  • The fuel filter separates clean fuel from particulates that can cause clogs. They are typically disposable and must be changed fairly often to ensure that debris does not enter the fuel. Many problems with the fuel system are due to a clogged filter.
  • Fuel injectors are computer-controlled to mix air and fuel. Older models have a carburetor instead.
  • The carburetor combines fuel and air without input from a computer. Carburetors require frequent adjustment and must be rebuilt often.

The fuel system is evaluated as part of routine maintenance service. If you need Ford or Cadillac repair for an undiagnosed issue relating to gasoline consumption, it is likely a problem with the fuel system. Issues to look for are engine sputtering or not starting, dirty injectors, fuel pump failure or obstructed fuel filter.

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