Save $$$ at the Fuel Pump: Buick Service and Repair in Everett

Achieve greater fuel efficiency with regular Buick service in Everett

Today’s economy requires that every facet of our lives be closely scrutinized to shave costs where possible. One sure way to reduce your monthly output is by keeping your Buick in prime running order. The one place that can insure that your Buick is running efficiently is Carson Cars, your place for Buick Service in Everett.

Consider this: by maintaining your Buick automobile in prime condition, the car will burn fuel more efficiently. This means that you will ultimately burn less fuel and over time you will definitely feel the savings. Various measures can be taken to increase your Buick’s fuel efficiency, including but not limited to:

  • Oil Change every 3,000-5,000 miles
  • Check fuel filter and change as necessary
  • Check air filter and change as necessary

Being certain that your oil is changed along with pertinent filters, your car will run efficiently. A dirty air filter will reduce the amount of air used in combustion, which means your car will be running in a ‘fuel-rich’ environment – wasting gasoline.

If you track the miles per tank your Buick achieves every time you fill up, you’ll quickly determine when something is awry. Even a small decrease in efficiency is noted when you track your mpg in this manner.

Keep in mind that using your air-conditioner will decrease fuel efficiency drastically. Before you set off on any summer road trips, be certain to have your coolant system and air conditioning checked out at Buick Service Everett.

Now is the time to have a complete summer service on your Buick. With gasoline prices continually rising, your best defense is to be certain that your car is as efficient as possible.

The certified technicians at Carson Cars will treat you and your car with respect. You’ll never worry that your Buick is in capable hands – this Buick Service – Everett voted as #1 Best Business! Check the website for customer testimonials…