Recognizing Exhaust System Problems | carson auto repair

The Exhaust System Repair Experts at Carson Cars advises their clients to learn about the exhaust system of their vehicle so that problems can be detected early. By recognizing the signs of exhaust system failure early, you can head off catastrophic failure and expensive repairs. Generally, you will be able to see, hear or Most importantly, your safety and the safety of your passengers is at risk if your Everett Exhaust System Repairs are not performed by a specialist, like the technicians at Carson Cars.



What Exactly Does the Exhaust System Do?

Directing harmful fumes from the passenger compartment of your vehicle is the primary function of your car’s exhaust system. Furthermore, the exhaust system reduces harmful emissions into the environment. Finally, the muffler on the exhaust system reduces your vehicle’s noise level.

Essentially, every exhaust system performs the same functions in this order:

  1. The Exhaust Manifold receives the harmful fumes produced by the engine’s combustion process (CO, etc.); the Exhaust Manifold then
  2. Forces those harmful fumes through the Exhaust Pipe, which then;
  3. Connects to the Catalytic Converter that converts the poisonous gases to less harmful, inert gases (CO2) through chemical processing, directing those converted fumes to:
  4. The Muffler, that reduces the engine’s noise and transfers the fumes to the;
  5. Tailpipe that blows the final, converted gases into the atmosphere.

How Can I Tell if There is Potential Trouble With My Car’s Exhaust System?

Now that you are familiar with the essential components of your car’s exhaust system, you should be able to identify problems as they arise. Early detection is the key to avoiding catastrophic failure. The Exhaust System Repair Experts at Carson Cars recommend regular, thorough inspection of your exhaust system to insure proper, safe operation.

1. Use Your Ears

The first sign of a potential Exhaust System problem is often a strange sound from beneath your vehicle. Should you hear a rattle, thump or clunk from beneath your vehicle, call the Exhaust System Specialists at Carson Cars immediately to perform a full inspection. A cracked exhaust manifold may result in a roaring, clicking or popping sound at the engine. If you notice an overall increased noise from your vehicle, this could indicate a problem with the muffler. Finally, a hissing, or whistling noise may indicate a cracked tailpipe.

2. Use Your Nose

Strange odors could definitely indicate exhaust system problems. Specifically, overly sweet or acidic/sharp odors in the passenger compartment is a sign of a leaky exhaust system. Should you suspect noxious fumes are leaking into the passenger compartment of your vehicle, it is recommended that you have the Exhaust System Repair Specialists at Carson Cars perform a full inspection as soon as possible. Repairing any leaks will keep you and your family safe when riding in your car.



3. Use Your Eyes

Even a casual visual inspection of your exhaust system can reveal rust or cracks in your vehicle’s exhaust system. While the vehicle is running, quickly look for any fumes being emitted from anywhere other than the tailpipe. This can be a sign of leaks undetectable when the vehicle is not running. Your Everett Exhaust System Experts at Carson Cars can determine the cause and placement of any leaks and repair/replace components as indicated.