Problems that Require Brake Repair in Snohomish County

Although there are any number of issues that may arise with your vehicle’s brakes, there are two main problems that require immediate brake pad & rotor repair service in Snohomish county.

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If you are experiencing noises when applying the brakes or the whole vehicle starts shaking or vibrating, there is a definite problem that must be addressed. It is likely that you have rotors that have become warped or “out of round.” A brake technician will carefully inspect the rotors and first remove any rust, lubricate all parts, clean each component, check for proper torque and test the rotors to see if there is any improvement in performance. If there is no longer an issue, your brakes are now fine. If these remedies did not work, it will be necessary to replace the rotors.

ABS activation is another common occurrence. The anti-lock brake system activates and your brake pedal drops to the floor. This situation is related to the interior sensors of the brake system. It is usually one of two circumstances:

  • The air gap between the trigger wheel and sensor tip is too large or small.
  • The speed of the trigger wheel is not where it should be.

No matter what type of vehicle you own, whether a part of routine Acura service or another vehicle make, your brakes can be restored for proper operation and safety. Call the professionals at Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460 to schedule brake service in Snohomish by experienced, certified brake technicians familiar with all kinds of vehicles. Our work is both affordable and dependable.