Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Weather

fuel system service in Lake StevensWith the calendar turning a page from September to October, it is time to think about what you can do to prepare for the upcoming colder weather. Not only are there steps you can take at your home or business, you should consider your autos at this time, as well. carson auto repair can provide expert fuel system service in Lake Stevens to ensure that your gas tank and all of its components are operating smoothly and efficiently so that you can count on your vehicle performance when that first blast of cold weather strikes. 

There are several other factors to consider, also, to ensure that you are ready for inclement weather during the winter months.  Your battery, its terminals and cables should all be inspected to make certain that there is no corrosion, that your fluid levels are acceptable (if applicable) and the connections are tight. 

Batteries last from three to five years, depending on type, so if your battery is reaching that time period, it may be a good idea to replace it before it becomes a necessity. Your vehicle’s tires must be examined to be sure that the tread is still good, with no excessive wear on any side and that they are inflated to the correct amount of pressure.

Wiper blades typically last from six months to a year but if they are tearing or leave streaks on the windshield, it is time to invest in a new set. An oil change is always a good idea before winter begins for optimum performance and ensure reliability. 

For questions about fuel system service in Lake Stevens or other preparations for winter, call carson auto repair today at (425)905-2460.