Preparations for Summer Driving at Everett GMC Service

With summer quickly approaching, it is essential that you have your vehicle ready for the season. Everett GMC Service has GMC certified technicians that specialize in keeping your GMC auto in tip-top shape. Before taking to the road this summer, let the folks at Everett GMC Service make certain there are no auto failures while on the road.

Summer preparations include:

  • Oil change – complete with air and fuel filters
  • Check all hoses and lines; replace as necessary
  • Test radiator for leaks; repair as necessary
  • Check all tires, including the spare – inflate/deflate for warm weather

The certified techs at Everett GMC Service will make certain that not only is your GMC safe, but that you will achieve the best fuel efficiency possible.

Before you travel back home from college, take a day trip to the shore or travel cross-country, safety and efficiency should be your first matter of business. With fuel prices at an all time high, every mile you can squeeze out of a gallon is money saved for frivolous summer fun!

Being certain that your car is in prime mechanical condition, you will avoid catastrophic failure while on the road. Imagine your radiator blows 300 miles into a trip – too far from home for an easy solution. Who wants to spend any unscheduled time waiting for a car repair. Especially a situation that could easily have been avoided with proper maintenance by Everett GMC Service…

The little bit you spend to assure a safe, efficient automobile will be well worth it when your summer adventure goes off without a hitch!