Muffler Shop Everett

There are three main purposes of the muffler , exhaust, and emission system.

  1. To reduce the temperature of the exhaust
  2. To quiet the sound of the internal combustion engine
  3. To control the emissions that your vehicle creates

The harmful gases from your exhaust system can be extremely dangerous to us and the environment if it’s not working properly. Within the exhaust system you have a catalytic converter which made up of metals on the inside and react with the harmful gases and produce water vapor and carbon dioxide that is much safer than the alternative.

If you have a bad muffler or a failing exhaust system, you can easily fail a Washington state emission test or possibly get a ticket from a police officer. We have mufflers specifically designed to quiet the engine and to produce lower emissions.  Sustainability and being green is very important to Seattle residents and we strive to ensure our exhaust systems are the cleanest in the area.  If your exhaust system is not working properly your vehicle could be extremely loud, causing unwanted attention.  Or even worse, a bad exhaust system or broken muffler can even be a hazard on the road, as it could fall off and cause havoc for other drivers or yourself.

If you have been noticing your vehicle is louder than usual or putting out more emissions, it’s a good idea to bring it into an Everett Auto Repair shop where you can get your Everett muffler repair & service or fix your exhaust system when needed.