Lynnwood Car Owners Should Carry an Emergency Road Kit

Lynnwood Car Owners Should Carry an Emergency Road Kit

Breaking down on the road is a frustrating situation. Depending on where you are at when it happens, it can also be scary. Being prepared can make all the difference if you are stranded, especially in bad weather. Everyone should keep an emergency kit in their car. We can provide auto service in Lynnwood as soon as we get your car, but you need to be safe in the meantime.

A Good First Aid Kit is a Must

You should always carry a first aid kit in your car. You can buy ones that are ready to go, or you can put your own together. Bottled water and snacks are a good idea on long trips or in hot weather.

Supplies Needed for an Emergency Car Kit

Certain things should be kept in your vehicle at all times. These include:

  • Jumper Cables – Go for the heavy-duty ones. They should be a least 10 feet long, and they should be 4 – 10 gauge.
  • Flashlight – durable and with extra batteries
  • Extra Fluids – For long trips, you should carry extra motor oil, water, transmission fluid, etc.
  • Personal Supplies – hand sanitizer, paper towels, baby wipes (good for lots of things), toilet paper, garbage bags
  • Emergency Road Flares – If you have to pull over, these will help you to be visible to others
  • Blankets – Rain pouches are a good idea too

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