Lexus Repair & Service

Lexus automobiles are technologically advanced, stylish, safe and fun to drive. They are on par with any luxury automobile that one can buy. Following the factory maintenance schedule is the most important thing one can do to keep their Lexus running at top-notch performance.

Our Lynnwood Lexus repair and service facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your car. People in the Lynnwood area trust us to provide the services they need at prices far less than at the dealership.


By using our Lexus repair and service facility for factory scheduled maintenance services your Lexus warranty remains in full force and effect, at prices that are affordable. If your Lexus warranty has expired and your car needs a repair, we can do the identical repair as a Lexus dealership at a huge savings to you.

Our technicians are certified so you know that are well-trained. Additionally, to keep their certification they are required to earn continuing education credits. This keeps them knowledgeable and up-to-date about auto repair and service.

If you live or work in the Lynnwood area, take advantage of our superior Lexus repair and service capabilities.

When our technicians are servicing your Lexus they also perform physical and visual inspections of all systems of the car. No work is ever done without your prior approval and estimates are cheerfully given.

Keep your Lexus running at peak performance with regular service. A car that is serviced according to the factory schedule will run better, last longer and give you top mileage. If you drive your Lexus under severe driving conditions, you may need to have maintenance performed more often. Contact carson auto repair, or stop by to discuss your driving conditions and the need for more frequent maintenance intervals.

A luxury performance car is at its core a machine. Although Lexus quality is unsurpassed, machines do break down. If you’re Lexus needs repair, save time and money. Bring your car to us. We use parts that meet or exceed Lexus factory specifications, our technicians our experts in their fields – electrical, exhaust, brakes and more. You will be told and asked to approve the cost of your repair before we begin work. There are no surprises at our Lynnwood Lexus repair and service facility.

Keep your car running as if you drove off the show room floor. Visit us when you need to have your Lexus repaired or serviced.