It’s Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service

acTo ensure that your car is ready, willing and able for some awesome spring weather, it’s time for your auto air conditioning service in Mill Creek. Don’t wait until it’s already hot outside, get it checked out now so you will be ready when you need it. carson auto repair is ready to serve your auto air conditioning needs. After all, we have been voted the best auto shop in Snohomish County for a reason!

Annual inspection and service of your car’s air conditioning system ensures that everything is working properly and efficiently. If you wait until something is obviously wrong, you could spend a considerable amount more than just for routine service. Auto air conditioning repair is expensive. Let our expert technicians provide a comprehensive examination of your air conditioning system.

We will examine all of the belts, ensure that loose mounting bolts are tightened, the compressor, hoses, radiator cap, evaporator, condenser, electrical parts and the cooling system pressure. We will also flush the old coolant, inspect and add fresh coolant. Every component will be inspected for leaks, worn areas, cracks and tight seals. The refrigerant will be checked and more added, if necessary. If something needs repair or replacement, we will give you an honest, affordable quote that you can live with and provide the repair within a timely manner to get you back on the road where you need to be.

Contact carson auto repair for your auto air conditioning service in Mill Creek today at 425-905-2460. Schedule an appointment before something unthinkable happens.