It’s Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service in Marysville

With the weather becoming increasingly warmer as we transition from spring to summer, it is the perfect time to take the opportunity to schedule your annual appointment for auto air conditioning service in Marysville with a qualified mechanic. Regularly maintaining your car’s air conditioning system via periodic service is crucial to ensure that the interior of your auto remains cool and comfortable in hot temperatures. Inspection and evaluation can effectively identify potential problems before components break down, saving you valuable time and money in advance.

Auto Air Conditioning Service in Marysville

As a routine aspect of your Chrysler service or that of any other model, your vehicle’s air conditioning system will be included. Certified technicians will check your A/C pressure to determine if there are any leaks, carefully look over the compressor and condenser to make certain that there is no debris causing a blockage, lubricate all required parts, add the appropriate refrigerant if it is too low (pre-1994 models – Freon, after 1994, a safer refrigerant alternative), clean each component and examine hoses and belts to be sure that they are in good working order. If an issue is uncovered, prompt and affordable repair or replacement will be facilitated with your permission.

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