Is Your Check Engine Light On? | Check out our Auto Diagnoisis Discount

Is your check engine light on?  Is your car running fine but the light will not go out? Is your service light on and flashing?

These are signs of the engine not running the way it should. When you check engine light comes on , the car is telling you that its sick and needs to go to the doctor for an exam. Auto techs are the doctors of the new car age.

We need to run diagnosis test to find out what is car or truck problems are. The test start at one side of a test chart and moves down the path of yes or no answers. The test sometimes are very time consuming and we need to replace parts to confirm or continues the test. When the check engine light comes on you should call and make an appointment. If the check engine light is on and flashing you should stop and tow the car to a repair shop. The cost of the diagnosis starts off at $44.50 and up to.  If your check engine light is on you are not getting the best gas mph you should be.

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