Is the 90K Mile Service Necessary?

90K mile service in MukilteoThere is quite a bit of disagreement about the necessity of scheduled vehicle maintenance appointments. Most people wonder if spending the money on these services is really worth it. The easy answer is YES. Your 30K, 60K and 90K mile service in Mukilteo are critical for optimum performance and ensure increased longevity of your car.

For the majority of vehicles, the 90,000 mile service is the most important of the 3 service times. Since the auto has a great deal of use on important components, it is necessary to evaluate their continued reliability. Many engines need the timing belt replaced at this interval. Irreparable, expensive damage can occur if this belt fails. Replacing auto fluids at this stage helps to maintain the integrity of vehicle parts.

All vehicles have recommended service schedules listed in their operation manuals and are pretty much standard over all types of autos. If you feel that something is just not quite right in between service appointments, by all means bring in your car for BMW service.

Depending upon the type of vehicle, make and model, year and drive train, different services are required at routine service appointments. Service options differ based upon vehicle operation and equipment.

Since you want to get the most from your vehicle, it is important to make your 90K mile service in Mukilteo on time. Call the pros at Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460 for a detailed list of what components will be specifically addressed and for a great price on this important vehicle service.